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Last Call: After Five Years, IBC Says Goodbye

Today, May 1, 2009, is the final entry at Iraqi Bloggers Central.

The IBC website will remain standing as it is today, and no further updates will be made to the blogrolls. But feel free to stop by and look around anytime you want.

Below are links to an overview of Iraq and the Iraqi blogosphere for the last six years. In Part Six you will find a bibliography and a summary of the Iraqi bloggers. As I read more books on Iraq, I will update the book list periodically and add necessary links.

On the blogroll to the right, you will find links to ALL of the Iraqi bloggers, both the active and inactive -- bloggers are considered active if they have posted an entry within the last three months.

Jeffrey Schuster / Iraqi Bloggers Central

A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere

Part One. A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere: 2003.
Part Two. A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere: 2004.
Part Three. A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere: 2005.
Part Four. A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere: 2006.
Part Five. A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere: 2007.
Part Six. A Look Back at Iraq and the Iraqi Blogosphere: 2008-09. Summary of the Iraqi Bloggers

As we did one evening toward the beginning of Iraqi Bloggers Central, I have arranged for a catering service to provide us with lots of great food and -- of course -- there's an open bar. Beer, wine, scotch, vodka -- you name, we got it. Hey, grab a drink, pull up a chair next to one of the many IBC alumni bloggers or commenters and tell us a story. Blogging for five years is a hell of a long time and a lot of work. Today it's time to kick back and celebrate our five years together.

Okay, everyone grab a glass and pour yourself a drink, and let me say a few words.

*stands up*

First, I would like to thank ALL the Iraqi bloggers. One of the greatest pleasures of the Iraqi blogosphere has been its splendid diversity. Over the last six years, the Iraqi blogosphere has truly been a big tent, where Iraqi Christians, Shia and Sunni Muslims, and even atheists could speak their mind. Some Iraqi bloggers concentrated on the political scene, while others focused on what was going on around them, with their friends and family. No one was excluded. Anyone could join.

*raises glass*

To the Iraqi bloggers!

Next, I would like to thank my fantastic, hard-working co-bloggers: CMAR II, Mister Ghost, RhusLancia, and D.C. All of us shared a passion for our small community, the bloggers and commenters of the Iraqi blogosphere.

*raises glass*

To CMAR II, Mister Ghost, RhusLancia, and D.C.!

Of course, I would never forget to thank the hundreds of commenters who have stopped by the IBC comments page and joined me and my co-bloggers as we mixed it up, laughed, harangued each other, goofed off, argued, flamed our opponents, or whatever else we felt like doing that day. There's simply no way I can remember all the names of our regular commenters over the last five years, but here's a quick list:

Louise, Kat in Missouri, Lisa in New York, Lynnette in Minnesota, Dilnareen, Fayrouz, Alan, leap_frog, Bridget, Elie, Muhannad in Oregon (Iraqi Mojo), Michael Cosyns, Sam (Sandmonkey), Kender, Asher Abrams, Tater, Kris from Seattle, Indigo Red, Pamela, Diane, moron99, Um Ayad, CharlesWT, Craig, Scott from Oregon, BK, Kelly, Connie, Charles, Christina from Montana, Tammy, Jason, Maury, Original Jeff, Max Lane, Dougman, Andrea in Minnesota, Paul Edwards, Mayssam, Anand, Brian H, Whisper, madtom, Ladybird, Dave, Rubin, M.H.Z., Joe from New Hampshire, LT Nixon, Gilgamesh X, Exile-Iraqi, and more recently JG, Corey (C.H.), Touta, motown67, and Khalid I.

*raises glass*

To all the great commenters! Prost!

I would also like to thank the MSM news outlets that blogrolled IBC and helped us in our effort to find more readers for the Iraqi bloggers: The New York Times and the New York Times Baghdad Bureau, MSNBC's Worldblog, C-Span, the LA Times' Babylon and Beyond, and McClatchy's Baghdad Observer.

*raises glass*

Even the MSM knows a great blog when they see one! Thanks, fellas!

*raises glass and then drains it*

Okay, we have this hall for the rest of evening. Thanks for coming. Let's party!


So long, everyone! Even though, as of tomorrow, I will no longer be a blogger, you just may find me popping up here and there on a comments page, or maybe sitting next to you in a bar somewhere. If you recognize the Psycho Sicko American Himself, please say hello. I'll buy you a drink and we can reminisce about our wild times back in the Iraqi blogosphere.

Jeffrey -- New York


FINAL NOTE (2011):

When I first started Iraqi Bloggers Central, Haloscan offered a better service than Blogspot for comments, and it was free, so I switched over to Haloscan. But then, about a year ago, Haloscan was bought by Echo. Echo wanted monthly payments to maintain the commenting function. They also made it almost impossible to export archived comments from Haloscan/Echo back into the commenting service offered by Blogger. I waited for over half a year, thinking someone might come up with an easy way to export the old comments, but no one did. Those who tried were frustrated by all of the obstacles that were put in the way to move comments. Eventually, I decided to discontinue the Echo commenting service. Unfortunately, that means we lost five years of Haloscan comments at Iraqi Bloggers Central. I’m sure there are many other bloggers out there who had the same experience. My feeling is that Echo made it very difficult to export comments back to Blogger as a kind of extortion scheme (join Echo and start paying or lose all of your comments). “You bastards,” as one of the tykes of South Park would say.

My apologies to all of the regular commenters who enjoyed stopping by and checking old entries to revisit our debates. The conversations we had together were the stimulus that kept me running IBC for so long.


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