Sunday, April 05, 2009

Will Najma And Bookish Spend Their Honeymoon In Saddam's Bed?

Saddam's bedroom: Will Najma and Bookish be spending their Honeymoon there? Cr:

Spring has sprung in Iraq, and the Iraqis' thoughts have turned away from war to that of love. And Make Love Not War could have been the recent theme of the Iraqi Blogosphere, as amour was clearly blossoming. First, Sunshine surprised us all admitting she liked Spiky-Haired Iraqi Boys. Now, many of Sunshine's teenage male friends across the world will start wearing their hair rather spiky, just to catch the young Renaissance woman's attention. And, then some shocking big news came rolling down the hill like an elephant on a wobbly skateboard, and left us all gasping our breaths in amazement.



Yes, that Najma, and here's her official announcement: Tomorrow is the second week anniversary of my engagement to the most amazing man.. They were two weeks in heaven.

The "most amazing man" is her fellow Mosul blogger, Bookish, who chimes in,  I am now engaged to the nicest and most fantastic girl in the world, The lovely and wonderful Najma. The girl who I am TOTALLY sure that I want to spend every single moment of my life with her. I am so incredibly happy.

Wow, simply red, wow! And how will the Ice Princess be able to concentrate on her studies now, being head over heals in love? Well, we wish the happy couple a lot of luck. But, do they really need any luck with the power of love on their side? 


As Najma tells us, Everything feels different now.. I am different now.. this is the beginning of the rest, and the best, of my life.

Sniff, I may cry.

Now, the big question on everyone's minds - after of course, when will the wedding take place? -- is where will they spend their honeymoon? 

Well, it may be in Germany, as Bookish is heading off to Deutschland to work on his Master's Degree. 

But, why go all the way to Germany, when a Funky Cold Medina of an entertaining Honeymoon can be had for the frolicking twosome in their native Iraq?

As The Sunday Times conveys to us, Saddam’s bed awaits daring honeymooners - The former Iraqi dictator's palatial boudoir is being offered to newlyweds for £150 a night.

And who wouldn't want to honeymoon among Roman columns, chandeliers and gargantuan bathrooms? Located at Hillah, sixty miles south of Baghdad, perched on top of a man-made hill overlooking the magnificent and placid Euphrates, the bedroom and stately palace that comes with it, is all within easy driving distance of the amazing ancient splendour that was Babylon. 

Now, that's a Honeymoon, Najma and Bookish, you can tell all your kids about...

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