Friday, April 24, 2009

Whatever Happened to the Iraqi Blogs?

1) Blogs are old school. The era of people quitting the jobs in hopes of becoming full-time bloggers has past. Also, the parody of left-wing bloggers seeking to save the world through blogging has helped the reputation of the medium.

2) Iraqis have a lot less time. My most fruitful blogging periods were during months when I was working out-of-town. When I came back to my family, I was still interested in what was going on, but I no longer had time to record my ideas and questions. In the hey-day of Iraqi blogging, there was a hot war going on. People had fewer places to go and hanging out was difficult. AQI targeted public locations where people gathered. So, Iraqis had a lot of time to think and a lot of time to put their thoughts into their blogs.

Ironically, Iraqi blogs are much more valuable now that international media have become less interested in what is going on in Iraq. Also, bloggers can actually get out and see what they are blogging about. They can actually go out and ask people questions. It would be a shame to see the blogs pass away just as they are.

3) A.P.U. The inability of Arab bloggers to break free of the A.P.U. has made many Iraqi blogs pointless. They are just rehashes of Riverbend's unrelenting doleful drone: The C.I.A. invented Saddam (Not that RB would have anything bad to say about Saddam). America overthrew Saddam to steal from us and control us. The C.I.A. invented Al-Qaeda in Iraq. America caused everything bad that has happened in Iraq or will happen (probably on purpose).

4) Nothing happened to them. I'm old and unwilling to change. Blogging is not on the decline. I'm just unable to appreciate the new blogs, the new reasons people blog, and the new things that Iraqi bloggers blog about. I'm like a middle-aged guy who says ZZ Top is the greatest band in the world because that's what he listened to high school; but, of course, all the new music is "so lame".

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