Friday, April 24, 2009

So Long!

So, it's pencils-down for IBC. There's so much more I could write, if only I had the time and the muse. For example: how I've arranged the who, what, how, and why of the war in my own mind, who Bruno the Souff Afrikan is, top three guesses for Layla Anwar's familial relationship to Saddam Hussein, and personal well wishes to the Iraqi bloggers and commenters who've made this quite an interesting ride, indeed.

Corey, sorry I didn't get to the new Iraqi blogger election! Truth be told, I spent most of the nights this week in the garage changing the rear trailing arm bushings on mein auto, and the rest of my time trying to recover from same! So how about I just appoint Touta as Queen of Iraq instead? Can anyone beat her dancing teddy bear, really?

And to Jeffrey- thanks for maintaining this site and inviting me to contribute to it!

I leave you now with two of my favorite cheesy pics.

First, the go-to pic announcing victory over Bruno (Chief Chaos-Monger, if you don't know him):

And second, an artist's conception of Layla Anwar that accompanied most of my posts about her:

So long, y'all! See ya in the comments!

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