Tuesday, April 21, 2009

IBC's Improbable History

Let's take a ride in the Wayback Machine. I've written two posts (that I remember) on how it all started. In my post, The Original CMAR and his boy Jeffrey, I recapped the events surrounding the birth of IBC: to wit, the closing of the old Cry Me A Riverbend blog in May of 2004.

The original CMAR's site was intended to provide a central location for CMAR and and his readers to comment about blogs like Riverbend's and the Faiza Jarrar blog and those of her boys, none of which (at the time) provided comments. ...The blog's comments were a random, free-swinging environment. I remember commenters like Original Jeff, DL, Bruno, and Leap Frog. But there was also this one totally mad S.O.B. Jeffrey -- New York, who stood out, even at CMAR's blog for his craziness and profanity.

Now a gang of thugs that didn't like CMAR's opinions, pieced together some of his references about himself and figured out who he was. Then they posted his address and place of work in the comments of the CMAR blog and in those of left-wing freak blogs. So CMAR decided the pleasure he got from his blog was no longer worth the risk. He shut it down.

They received many friendly "attaboys" at the freak blogs, including a special post from Raed Jarrar praising their success. ...About 3 hours after the CMAR blog went down, I read about it, and immediately opened Cry Me A Riverbend II for no other reason than that I hate bullies. I sent an email to CMAR telling him about it and learned that Jeffrey -- New York had done the same thing for the same reason about 1 hour earlier.

I founded the Cry Me A Riverbend II blog with the idea that I would do everything to remain totally anonymous. Without a public identity, ...no one could ever find a lever to make me shut down. Jeffrey took the opposite tack. His identity was already known, and when the punks tried to do to him what they did to CMAR, his response was "Bring it on".

That was almost four years ago. Now IBC is a major gateway drug to Iraqi blogs in English.

Four months later, Jeffrey shut down IBC in protest of the decision to let Muckty Al Sadr weasel out of the trap he had made for himself. In that post (End of the Road) he gave his reasons for starting IBC:

First, I wanted to offer people a place where they could comment on the posts of those Iraqi Bloggers who refused to enable comments pages... This had already been started by Cry Me a Riverbend, but when he shut his site down due to death threats I decided to throw up a quick blog to carry the baton.

Second, I wanted to create a blog that gave English-speakers an overview of the Iraqi Bloggers and add links to any articles that I thought would help us in our debates.

Third, I wanted to try to force the two sides of the Iraqi Bloggers -- the pro- and anti-Coalition Iraqi Bloggers -- to engage in a real debate about issues. This didn't happen.

I plan to post on Jeffrey's conclusion to his third post next.

When he returned, I welcomed it with the following post at Cry Me A Riverbend II: Dr Evil Restarts His War Machine

Once there was a boy named Jeffrey -- New York. Jeffrey enjoyed posting to the comments sections of Iraq-related bloggers. His comments were strange, outrageous, and hostile. Reading them was like injecting your brain with epoxy until it congealed and then stretching it out at arms length. They also had the added nutritious value of being mostly dead-on true. I tend to be anal retentive. But Jeffrey would never retain his anus. His anus ran about totally without retention.
Blogging changed Jeffery. His blog posts became increasingly more lucid and straightforward. People remarked that it was hard to imagine that it was truly the same person that had posted the bizarre cursing responses in the comments sections.
But recently...maybe it was Raed's decision to provide comments on his blog....Jeffery emerged from his spiderhole into the Comment sections. At first it was Blogger Jeffrey. the reasonable critiquer of Iraqi opinion. But soon.... Comment Jeffrey was back!

Jeffrey -- New York"
"I would say pull your panties out of the crack of your ass, but I don't think they make panties with burlap.He he.
Jeffrey -- New York"

And then, it happened. In response to someone's comment about Jeffrey's silenced blog, he wrote:

"Yes, I can think of a few others besides yourself who sighed with relief when I suspended major operations, unfurled my "Successful Evisceration" banner, and flew onto that floating carrier in my crotch-itching flight suit. However, I wonder if you have seen any of the Austin Powers flicks? If I resemble anyone on this beauteous orb it would be Doctor Evil. Drip. Drip. Drip. Oh-oh. It seems I'm starting to thaw.
Jeffrey -- New York"

Dr. Evil's war machine is now up again and thrumming like a planet-sized kitten.
Since then, a lot of established Iraqi bloggers such as Fayouz and Iraqi Mojo were commenters here before they were bloggers. So congratulations to Jeffrey and IBC for 5 years of promoting and commenting on Iraqi bloggers!

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