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Shiastan (Iraqi Theocratic Republic) Welcomes Criminal Terrorist Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani With Open Arms

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As expressed in a recent post of hers, Conservative commentator Debbie Schlussel is not happy:

I Told You So: Iran Gets Its Hands Deeper Into "Liberated" Iraq

One of the nightmarish results from America's Iraq fiasco has been the expansion of Iranian hegemony and influence throughout the Middle East. As Debbie tells it, I warned that we should not have democratic elections and hand this country over to Iranian-backed Shi'ites, and instead should have turned it over to a pro-U.S. Shah-like dictator. But instead we opted for this "democracy" (the same kind that put HAMAS and Hezbollah in power).

Personally, I would have preferred a monarchy or even a communist regime to the Theocratic Sectarian Government currently in charge, but I can't (and no one else should) quibble with her over the broadening base of Iranian power in the Middle East.

Within this milieu of increasing Iranian involvement, especially in the affairs of Iraq, Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani, head of the influential Iranian Expediency Council, enters the picture.

As Schlussel describes him,  the former Iranian President is, an ally of the late Ayatollah Khomeini and no enemy of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and the ayatollahs who run Iran. And he's, announced he will fund and assist in Iraq's reconstruction. Rafsanjani is one of Iran's most influential and powerful politicians and religious leaders. He's not pledging the help just 'cuz. He's doing it to solidify the latent unity with Iran that Iraq has developed and will continue to embrace more and more openly. Rafsanjani said he visited Iraq to strengthen Iran-Iraq religious, political, and economic ties. Not a good thing.

Bad Dude 101, Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani - cr. Wikipedia

And the Iraqis have welcomed him with open arms. America's favorite exceedingly bloated and corrupt Iraqi President Jalad Talabani greeted Akbar Hasemi Rafsanjani saying, Iraqi authorities could benefit from Rafsanjani's "long experience" as a leader who helped rebuild Iran after its war with Iraq...

And it's not surprising at all that he met with his fellow Israel-despising, Mr. Sharia Law himself, the Grand Dragon, Ayatollah Sistani (Thanks Ladybird): Rafsanjani visited Shiites holly (sic) cities Karbala and Najaf and met with Shiites Supreme clerics, Rafsanjani described his meeting with Sistani as “historical”.

That must have been one hell of a "historical" Jew-hate fest when those two noted anti-Semites came together. I can just imagine their conversation: 

Rafsanjani: In Iran, we hang our Jews.

Sistani: We chased all our Jews away, only five left in the country.

Rafsanjani: Can't top that. You da Man, Sistani.

Well, Iraq's happy embrace of Rafsanjani should should elicit disgust from any American that cares about Iraq. Frankly, Rafsanjani should be subjected to citizen's arrest, because he is both a criminal and a terrorist thug.

On July 18, 1994, the Argentine Israeli Mutual Aid Association (Argentina Jewish Community Center) in Buenos Aires was bombed in a terrorist attack, resulting in the deaths of 85 people and casualties in the hundreds.   The suicide bomber, Ibrahim Hussein Berro, a "Hezbollah operative from Lebanon" (with relatives in Dearborn, Michigan), carried out the attack at the behest of Hezbollah, and according to Argentinian prosecutors,  the decision to attack the center, was undertaken, "by the highest authorities of the then-government of Iran..." which was of course headed by Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani.  In 2006, the Argentinian prosecutors asked a federal judge to,  order the arrest of former Iranian president Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani and seven others for the Jewish Community Center bombing...They asked the judge to seek international and national arrest orders for Rafsanjani...

There was also, among other criminal acts that Rafsanjani organized, the "1992 Mykonos restaurant assassinations of Sadiq Sharafkindi, an Iranian-Kurdish leader, as well as three of his associates," which German prosecutors contend was, "personally ordered" by Rafsanjani and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.   

Can you imagine the United States allowing acceptance of such tainted reconstruction money? Well, perhaps under the current Obama administration, but during previous administrations, not even Bill Clinton would stoop so low.

But, then again this is Iraq, and the bombing of a Jewish Community Center would be greeted favorably by many Iraqis, including some of the bloggers. In fact, I recall one Iraqi blogger commenting a while back, that they'd like to see Israel burned and the Jews driven into the sea.

Any ways, as a VOA report notes: Washington has expressed concern about increasing ties between the two Shi'ite-majority neighbors.

Lol, if only the Bush administration had thought of that beforehand...

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