Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Farmer Shaggy Comes to Town and Votes

Shaggy returned to Baghdad from the farm down south in time to vote in the provincial elections. After spending a good part of the day trying to locate where he was supposed to vote, Shaggy finally inked the finger. But, in truth, Shaggy had other things on his mind (That's All?!).
Choosing to vote was kind of a last minute decision for me. I did kind of screw up by not checking out the candidates that were on the list that I was voting for. But I don't think anyone on that list is going to get a seat anyway. What's bothering me more than that is that whilst walking from one polling station to another I noticed a sign suggesting that a bank is going to be built over a public park that's in the middle of a residential area. The park is a mess right now, but it has so much potential, because unlike most other parks it's not in the middle of nowhere or bordered by busy streets. It's also the place where I got high the very first time.
Yeah, maybe future generations of Iraqi stoners will make pilgrimages to the park where Shaggy first got blasted. Why not? It works for me. I'd definitely do a bong-hit with Michael Phelps in Shaggy's Stoner Park.


Meanwhile, Salam Pax corrects Andrew Sullivan about the election returns in Anbar. Earlier, using figures from a blog called Musings from Iraq, Sullivan had written that the results in Anbar were not very good, but Salam corrects him, using statistics coming from the election board (Sunni Side Down ... I think not).
I think the post on Musings on Iraq is diminishing what Iraq’s Sunnis might have done this time around. They didn’t only come out to participate in the democratic process in big numbers but more importantly shunning fundamentalism in favour of more centrist parties. And I hope that Andrew Sullivan takes another look at the numbers and see that saying ‘Sunnis didn’t show up in convincing numbers’ just ain’t fair.
Later, Andrew Sullivan did acknowledge the figures posted by Salam.


If you want to know just what kind of asses the editors at the New York Times can be, look no further than the sub-head they used for the responses published from three Iraqi bloggers (Salam, Mohammed from Last of Iraqis, and Bookish): The Thrill Is Gone.

Just a few years ago Saddam Hussein received a vote of 100% thumbs-up from millions of Iraqis in a gun-to-head referendum. Despite the best efforts of the New York Times crew to force the US out of Iraq early, Iraq has now stabilized and turned into a success. And so what do the editors at the New York Times use to frame those responses from Iraqis who voted in a democratic election? The thrill is gone, they summarize, referencing that old B.B. King blues number about the end of passion and love. That's the kind of assholes the editors at the New York Times are.


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