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That Great "Arab Hero" ... um ... What's His Name?

Even though he threw his shoes at President Bush and was hailed around the Arab world as their "hero" just a few weeks ago, does anyone now even remember the guy's name or know anything about what has happened to him?

No, we don't.

But if you're interested in learning about those who are the silent heroes of Iraq, you can still find them in the blogosphere. Spend the day, for example, with Sami, a psychiatrist currently living in Baghdad who has been on our blogroll for a long time. In one of his latest entries, "Happy Poetic Hair Cut," you will learn more about the daily life in Iraq than you ever will from the journalist whose name we can no longer remember.
I went for my hair cut in Al Rasheed street. From all the barber shops in Baghdad I chose a classic one. It was the barber shop of the Beatles fans in the 70s as one colleague said to me one day in 2006. I went there once and found 4 men above 50 running the shop. They are calm, slow, and silent. There are always some old Arabic songs played on their TV screen. Um Kalthum songs are the most common. I cannot change them now. All of them had cut my hair at least once. But sooner me and him, the third chair one, knew that I should always come and sit in his chair cause he will know what I want without talking. The other three men know that I will wait my turn to have a hair cut in that third chair. The price of the hair cut is the lowest in Baghdad in their wonderful shop. They don't start talking at all, but if you talk they would talk with you for a while seriously and kindly. Then they will go back to their silence waiting for you if wanna talk again. Sometimes they are visited by a friend of them when they will start talking spontaneously with him a little. Their friends always don't stay too long.
After his haircut, Sami strolls over to Al Mutanabbee Street, the booksellers' street that had been bombed by the terrorists two years ago. Check out his photos too.


UPDATE: Raed Jarrar received an out-of-court settlement of $240,000 in his ACLU T-shirt case. This is PC gone wild. My only solace so far has been to read all the comments over at Breitbart of those who are as outraged and sickened by this outcome as I am.

Thanks to H. Bush for alerting me.

UPDATE II: So how did Raed do it?

It all started back in 2003 when Raed Jarrar started working with all the anti-war groups that had gone to Iraq, making connections that he would use once he arrived in the US two years later through his greencard marriage to Niki Akhavan. Within the first couple weeks in the Bay Area, he was out at San Quentin protesting the murderer Tookie's execution (just like he would protest his dear leader Saddam's capture, trial, and execution). And not long after that he was on Amy Goodman's Democracy Now and marching along with Hollywood liberals like Susan Sarandon and leftards like Code Pink, passing himself off as an "Iraqi expert." His little black book must have been almost full by then, perfect for his next move.

Having already made links to the ACLU, on a flight from New York to San Francisco, he put on a black T-shirt saying "We will not be silent" in Arabic (and English) and wore it into a waiting area at JFK Airport. Judging by the testimonies, he glared at anyone who happened to glance at his T-shirt (it doesn't help that Raed Jarrar looks like a classic ISLAMIC TERRORIST). Of course, the people in the waiting area started to freak, not wanting to die as those on 9/11 did. All of this was part of Raed's master plan. Always the attention whore, he knew that by taunting the people in the waiting room, he would either get some good publicity or maybe even wangle a lawsuit. Customers in the waiting room sought out someone from Jet Blue and told them that they were nervous about the guy was glaring at everyone in the lounge. A representative from Jet Blue and the TSA approached Raed and asked him if he wouldn't mind changing his shirt. Now everything was working perfectly for Raed. Of course, he refused and said that his "free speech" rights were being abridged. A compromise was reached when Raed agreed to wear another T-shirt on top of the "We will not be silent" T-shirt.

As soon as Raed landed back in San Francisco, he went directly to his little black book, contacted the ACLU and began working with on litigation. He also called as many media outlets as possible to set up interviews with them, quickly appearing on Democracy Now. It was a win-win situation for Raed. Through his ACLU connections, the lawsuit was filed. And here's the SHAKEDOWN, the ACLU-style extortion. Because it would cost Jet Blue and the TSA more money to pay for a complete trial, they decided to just settle for as little as possible, that being the $245,000 that the ACLU accepted for Raed. It's a HUGE FUCKING SCAM.


All of the Jarrars are now emboldened by this travesty. Khalid writes today to me:
Jeffery, if you had any balls at all, you would post here your personal contact information or your lawyer's information and you will hear from us. its fun to keep suing idiots and making money out of them :) in case you havent heard, we just did recently:

but i dont think you have any balls at all, do you?!

Democracy is fun after all :D

More than anyone else, I blame Niki Akhavan for bringing Raed Jarrar into our country.

[From CMAR II] See RAED & CMAR II: A Correspondence in which Raed attempts to gain CMAR II's personal information in order to launch a nuisance suit.


And here's the ULTIMATE KICKER:


Would Raed Jarrar have EVER worn a T-shirt saying "We will not be silent" during Saddam Hussein's reign of terror?


UPDATE III: I thought it would help everyone to have TigerHawk's two analyses of the ACLU T-shirt case available again:

The ACLU sues JetBlue on behalf of a passenger who happens to be an Arab (August 11, 2007).

Lawfare against domestic vigilence: The Jarrar case (Jan 6, 2009).


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