Sunday, January 11, 2009

In Which I Weigh in on Israel & Palestine

I regret this post even as I begin writing it. Israel & Palestine must be the world's most intractable conflict now, maybe ever, in the world's most disputed region now, maybe ever. In fact, check out this animation from on control of the Middle East:

So, I try to avoid thinking too much about events over there. It just s*cks, nothing I can do about it. I do think that long term, some kind of Palestinian state is needed to peel the moderates from both sides away from the extremists from both sides. That may stem the violence eventually, but there is certainly enough excess hate in the area so that a rational solution is impossible in my lifetime at least.

Anyway, the current conflict between the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) and Hate And Murder All Subhuman joos (HAMAS) allowed me to enumerate in my mind something I have known for quite some time:

1. Israel, with its modern military, sophisticated weapons, and even nuclear bombs, has the capability to turn its many enemies' territories into glass, but is not inclined to do so.

2. HAMAS, and by extension other violent opponents of Israel, with their Katyushas, homicide bombers, and desire to cause and politically leverage Palestinian civilian casualties, do not have the capability to do much damage to Israel, but would turn it into glass if only they could.

I understand that we in the self-doubting West do like to cheer for the "underdog" or the scrappy rebels "fighting for freedom", but it's still strange to see people protesting on behalf of people who aspire to be mass murderers, if only they had the capability, or allowing themselves to become useful idiots in HAMAS' efforts to leverage the only potentially effective tactic they have- international outrage.

Mark Steyn, in this article, points out some of the underlying joo-hatred that may be in play, and makes an interesting observation regarding Israel's founding:
So, as I said, forget Gaza. And instead ponder the reaction to Gaza in Scandinavia, France, the United Kingdom, Canada, and golly, even Florida. As the delegitimization of Israel has metastasized, we are assured that criticism of the Jewish state is not the same as anti-Semitism. We are further assured that anti-Zionism is not the same as anti-Semitism, which is a wee bit more of a stretch. Only Israel attracts an intellectually respectable movement querying its very existence. For the purposes of comparison, let’s take a state that came into existence at the exact same time as the Zionist Entity, and involved far bloodier population displacements. I happen to think the creation of Pakistan was the greatest failure of post-war British imperial policy. But the fact is that Pakistan exists, and if I were to launch a movement of anti-Pakism it would get pretty short shrift.
So I will not hold my breath for any kind of a workable solution to come from the latest chapter in the awfully thick book that describes this conflict.

You know what I'd like to see though? A Sons of Palestine movement. Of course I'm dreaming. But couldn't you see a situation where some Palestinian guy looks out his window and sees HAMAS setting up a Katyusha battery and says "Hey dummies! Don't do that here! Or better yet, don't do it at all! If you manage to kill anyone with your random rocket fire, it will likely be civilians. That is probably wrong, and bad. Plus, you are more likely to cause Israel to return fire, which endangers me and my family!"

Unfortunately, for the moment it is precisely that response that HAMAS hopes to garner, and the Palestinians killed as a result are just welcome tools towards their objective. The day when such acts are no longer tolerated by locals or the world community seems far off. Nothing for me to do but,

Praise Öbama

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