Sunday, January 18, 2009

Hey, Hey, What Can You Say...

LOL, I’m thinking of starting an Internet petition to have you
rename this blog, Last Of The Gay Iraqis. Ha ha ha ha ha.

Mister Ghost to Salam Pax

Hey, hey, what can you say...

...Did you see the plane crash in New York? No casualties, amazing. I never trusted those Canadian Jihadi Geese. Any ways, I was thinking, if that plane went down in Iraq, they would shoot the passengers, steal the aircraft, and smuggle it into either Kurdistan or Iran. Anywhere else in the Middle East, there would be fights over the life preservers, and people would be pushed into the water and drown.

...The self-promoting Michael Yon reminds me of Raed Jarrar - always threatening with the lawsuits... Frankly the embedded reporters in Iraq, did not impress me. It was after all, a very synthetic environment they operated in. Unembedded, as with Steven Vincent, Sunshine of Mosul, and Queen Amidala reporting right straight from the Heart of Darkness, their coverage was worth reading.

...Speaking of Sunshine, is she not the Taylor Swift of Iraq? A fast-rising, young prodigy whose words cut across all barriers and resonate with an American and worldwide audience? Most definitely so. Here's the great Taylor singing one of my recent favorites, Our Song...

...What's the worse thing that can occur to you in the Religious Apartheid Kingdom of the Saud? Work as a Filipino houseboy with all those repressed homosexual Saudi men trying to paw you and more? That's a pretty bad state of being. Perhaps, be one of the millions of frustrated Saudi woman, who are not allowed to drive, and who decides to say, "Bleep it" to the rules, and takes the car out for a spin. Which results in the death of a couple of people, because the woman had no experience, and wearing an abbaya while driving is an accident waiting to happen. That indeed is pretty awful. And then there's Hamoud bin Saleh, a Saudi blogger who converted to Christianity and announced it on his blog Saudi Christian. The Saudi authorities did not find this amusing at all. They arrested Hamoud, blocked his blog inside the Tragic Kingdom, and jailed the young blogger at the infamous Eleisha political prison in Riyadh, a prison which in 2004 witnessed the arrest of the reformists Matrouk el Falih, Ali el Domini and Eissa al Hamed. Now, with the world's attention focused on Gaza, he may suffer a fatal work related accident inside the gaol.

... Free Boy George, Free Boy George, LOL ala Free Mumia. Well, here's the Boy at his pre-handcuffs best with The Crying Game...

...Barack Obama's ascension to the Presidency has really lowered the bar as far as future American leaders are concerned. Now, you can do coke, attend a racist church for twenty years, hang out with terrorists, emerge out of one of the most corrupt political systems in the world, conceal your medical records, promise anything and everything to one and all, engage in campaign contribution fraud, be fawned over by the press... the list of flaws and fallacies is breathtaking.

...For all you Muntadhar al-Zeidi haters (you know who you are), LOL, some of his prison guards threw a party for his 30th birthday and brought him a birthday cake. I wonder if his cake had 30 candles and he could make a wish? Now, that would have never happened during Saddam's time. But, seriously, Maliki should just pardon the guy and let it be an amusing end to President Bailouts' tenure.

...If you're curious as to how American journalists are reacting to the economic crisis, closures, and management machinations affecting many of the nation's print media, be sure to check out Angry for some spirited angst.

...The big story in the Middle East: No, not the Israel-Hamas War, but the condition of Hamas TV's Pioneers of Tomorrow show Giant Jew-Eating Bunny, Assud. It's a cliffhanger folks, as to whether Assud will live or die, although personally, I was more a fan of Nahoul the Jew-hating bee, who expired in a Gaza hospital, the victim of an Israeli Fly-Swatter Missile. Here is, what may or may not be, Assud's final moments...

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