Tuesday, December 16, 2008

More Arab Hypocrisy

Michael Ramirez at Investors Business Daily - cmar ii

Al-Zaidi presumed to speak for the widows of Iraq when he tossed his shoes at President Bush. But who, in fact, is actually killing Iraqis and making widows? Let's take a look.

In the last two weeks, according to Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, 191 Iraqi citizens have been killed, and not one of them by Americans. They were all killed by other Arabs, either as suicide-bombers or gunmen.

Through Iraq Casualty Count, let's take a look at this Reuters roundup of who has been killed in Iraq in the past few days:

* KHAN DHARI - Nine policemen were killed and 31 wounded when a suicide bomber drove a car full of explosives at their checkpoint in Khan Dhari, in the western outskirts of Baghdad, police said. Another police source put the death toll at three, with 30 wounded.>

Nine policemen killed, so possibly nine new widows, right? Killed by an American?


* TARMIYA - A female suicide bomber detonated an explosive vest in the town of Tarmiya, 25 km (15 miles) north of Baghdad, killing the leader of a U.S.-backed neighbourhood patrol, police said. The man's son was also wounded.

The man killed by an American? The son wounded by an American?


* MOSUL - Gunmen killed seven people from a single family, members of the minority Yazidi sect, when they stormed into their home in the town of Sinjar, west of Mosul. Mosul is 390 km (240 miles) northwest of Baghdad, police said.

Seven minority Yazidi killed by an American?


* MOSUL - Gunmen killed a woman in her home in eastern Mosul, police said.

A woman in her home killed by an American?


So who killed all of these Iraqi citizens?

Arabs killed them, either as suicide bombers or gunmen, Arabs from the same groups that have been killing Iraqis in the thousands for over four years now.

Not one of these Iraqis in the Reuters report was killed by American forces. Only in the Arab Parallel Universe can Arabs kill each other and then blame the Americans for the deaths.

Only the Arab Parallel Universe could create a hypocritical fool like al-Zaidi.


For those of you who aren't aware of how the APU works, you might want to check out Sandmonkey's 7 Rules of the A.P.U.:

So, in summary and conclusion, the 7 political rules of the APU are:

1) Arabs never make mistakes, and they rarely lose wars.
2) The Zionists and the Americans are always to blame for everything that is wrong in the APU.
3) If there is any credit at all that can be contributed to Arabs in any way, they will take it.
4) Good leadership is inversely related to how US-friendly a leader is!
5) Any media that is not the official state-owned media is filled with Zionist, Jewish, American, Christian, imperialist, anti-arab influences and they LIE ALL THE TIME!
6) There is really no need for elections in the APU, because Presidents and rulers are presidents and rulers for life.
7) The only viable alternative candidate to the current leader or president is this current leader or president’s son.

Hope that helped explain some of the confusing discrepancies that you may encounter from having those 2 parallel universes existing in the same reality. Mind you, those are only the political rules. There are other rules concerning economics , social traditions and norms, but those will be covered in future posts.

This is the Sandmonkey, from the APU, signing off!


Update 12-17-2008, from RhusLancia

I can't "resist". I saw this image on Layla's post heralding the great shoe-toss Resistance Hero and thought "Oh my! Even their propaganda posters star a homicide bomber!!". So I dressed up the image a tad and offer it here.

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