Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Merry Christmas, Layla Anwar!

Nothing augments the Holiday Spirit more than following the exchanges on Layla Anwar's blog. Just yesterday an Iraqi commenter wrote to her:
God you make me want to throw up. By you linking all shia's to Iran is by itself a proof of your ignorance. Your posts make me laugh and choke in disgust at the same time. You hail Alzaidi, yet he is SHIA. Wow Layla, you really are one smart woman. I guess you are no different to the Criminal Wahhabis who have destroyed your country.

Cant believe my beloved Iraq gave birth to filth like you.
Layla was quick to respond:
I can already tell you are an imposter, simply Baghdad cannot give birth to donkeys like you.

You are obviously very challenged in your reading and comprehension skills and your own SECTARIAN colors are shining through.

I can already tell you for a fact that you are a shiite piece of shit tied to Iran - one way or another.

And with shiite pieces of shit like yourself, I have no option but to use the pure Iraqi method, two shoes on that dirty hypocritical face of yours and two up your filthy ass.

And in closing I am very sorry my post was not strong enough to drown you in your own vomit and that you did not choke in the process...but insh'Allah you will next time.

Have a good one.
Meanwhile, Arab Advocate, the Iraqi-Texan who claims to stop by Iraqi Mojo's only every few months, is now claiming to be related to Jesus, the King of the Jews:
What do you know about Jesus? I am one of ONLY a handful of people who speaks the same language that Jesus spoke. Jesus is one of my ancestors, and, like I told the others, if he comes back I might be willing to translate what he's saying for you. As an atheist Im not holding my breath, but I guarantee the real Jesus is different than the Amerikkkan heehaw Jesus.
I guess I'm going to have to buddy-up to Arab Advocate now; I may want him to represent me on Judgment Day, seeing how he's a Secret Jew and related to the Jesus Clan.

Merry Christmas, Arab Advocate!

Merry Christmas, Layla Anwar!


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