Monday, December 08, 2008

Fay Comes Out Fighting On The Sad State Of Women's Rights In Iraq

Muslim woman in Russia, where women's rights are protected and there
is no Sharia Law... Cr: Bride.RU.

Fayrouz Hancock, apparently resurrected from her Obama-induced happy coma, fires back on all cylinders and hits it out of the ballpark with an aggressive, acerbic post that chronicles the downward spiral of women's rights in Iraq:

After the removal of Saddam in 2003 and the installation of a bunch of religious fundamentalists as the face of the Iraqi government, Iraqi women started to lose their rights at the speed of light. Nothing has prepared the liberal Iraqi women for the bleak future enforced by a constitution that doesn't separate the state from religion.

Fay's argument is strongly reinforced by a fine article by Sudarsan Raghavan in the Washington Post entitled: Iraqi Women, Fighting for a Voice: Activists Confront Dual Powers of Religion, Tribalism, where she correctly notes:

In their quest for stability in Iraq, U.S. officials have empowered tribal and religious leaders, Sunni and Shiite, who reject the secularism that Saddam Hussein once largely maintained. These leaders have imposed strict interpretations of Islam and enforced tribal codes that female activists say limit their freedom and encourage violence against them.

"Women are being strangled by religion and tribalism," said Muna Saud, a 52-year-old activist in Basra.

Bravo bravo, I say to Fay and Sudarsan for finally speaking out in a forceful manner on the subject. I myself have commented several times in the blogosphere -- including LGF, which resulted in many Lizardoids having a hissy fit with me -- that women's rights are worse off now in Iraq than they were under Saddam Hussein.

Addendum: Women's rights indeed suffered under Saddam too, especially during the later years of his reign when he adopted a more Islamic persona, but they became brutally bad in the post-Saddam era.

But try telling that to the Right Wing Blogosphere -- with notable exceptions such as Diane West, Jihad Watch, and Debbie Schlussel -- and their commentators such as the "Welcome To Fantasy Island" cadre aka the Iraq The Model comments section, where rarely is heard a discouraging word or apparently very few words for that matter on the plight of Iraq's women.

For shame Louise The Librarian, BG, Valerie and the rest of your stinking hypocritical ilk with your endorsement of the present fundamentalist Iraqi government and their desecration of Iraq's women. Have you no shame? Apparently, you lack that facility.

The ITM groupies are too absorbed in posting newspaper articles to recognize, as Muhannad al-Zainy aptly (there's a first time for everything in life) noted, "There are more fundamentalists in the Iraqi govt today than in the last 100 years. "

Absolutely right, Iraqi Mojo, you receive, as Telly Savalas once said as Kojak, "a lollipop" for your ephemeral brilliance. You hit the nail right on the head, and Muhannad has a hard head, so it did no damage.

The Nancy Boy Fundamentalists of the Shia Theocratic Regime do indeed rule Iraq with a vengeance now and you can toss the rights of women there, down in to the big giant flaming trashcan of Sharia Law hell.

Or as Fay says, This is the liberation Iraqi women were given by the Bush administration. This is the legacy he's leaving behind: This administration turned secular Iraq into another fundamentalist Iran of the 1980s.

Yeah, really what can you say...

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