Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Time For The Americans To Withdraw From Iraq And Stop Being Played By The Shia Theocratic Regime

How can you tell when Abu Hussein aka Barack Obama is lying?

His lips are moving.

Ahhhh, the audacity of the dopes that voted for him...

Be that as it may, the one area where I agree with him, is the eminent withdrawal of troops from Iraq.

Make it so, the sooner, the better.

It should be obvious to anyone with half-a-brain, which excludes most of the American electorate, that their fellow Americans in Iraq have been "Played" (manipulated) by the Shia Theocratic Regime, and it needs to stop.

Truth be told, the Iraqi Shia have manipulated the Americans for years, as Hugh Fitzgerald tells us:

The Americans got into Iraq in large part, though not completely, because of the false information supplied to them by Shi'a "informants" about weapons of mass destruction, and furthermore because of the ridiculous assertions made to the Americans about how wonderfully, permanently grateful "the Iraqis" would be, with demonstrations following the liberation of Baghdad that "would make the liberation of Kabul seem like a funeral procession." Oh, great things were believed by Paul Wolfowitz (the war might cost "as much" as $40 billion), by Rumsfeld, Feith, Cheney, Bush, Rice, Bernard Lewis, tutti quanti. They knew. Ahmad Chalabi and Kanan Makiya and Shaha Riza and so many others of that ilk, wonderful people, people on Western wavelength, told them so.

And the machinations, the playing of the Americans by the Shia, continue to this day. As Hugh laments:

Americans do everything of consequence in Iraq for the good:
they supply tens of billions of dollars in aid, they patrol the borders and interior waterways and the Persian Gulf port, they maintain the 8,500 (!) Humvees that have apparently been turned over to the government of Iraq, they insure air-traffic control and air safety throughout the country, including the safety of the oilfields and those now driling for oil, they train and retrain Iraqi soldiers and police...

Meanwhile, the Shia Theocratic Regime (with some assistance from Iraq's Sunni Supremacists) hoard Iraq's oil wealth and seek the luxuries of the West:

...the government of Iraq has been steadily refusing to do a thing, except to carefully pile up a surplus of nearly $100 billion dollars, and some individual Iraqis have managed to decamp, for places like Paris, where they now live on tens or even hundreds of millions of dollars (not the total, but what individual Iraqis have managed to get) , all of it money supplied by long-suffering American taxpayers of modest means.

Played... Big time.

This duplicity by the Shia was apparent to Fitzgerald early on. He stated in a 2006 Jihad Watch posting about the manipulations by the Iraqi Shia:

The most important is to have the American soldiers do as much of the fighting and dying and getting wounded as possible on behalf of the "government of Iraq" -- i.e. the Shi'a who now control the "government of Iraq." The second is to make sure that as much money as possible is inveigled out of those Americans -- and how many Iraqis are now living high, including those who escaped abroad, with loot from the generous and freespending Infidels, winning hearts, winning minds, spending like there was no tomorrow. The more time the Americans spend there, the more money they are likely to hand out.

And Lordy, they handed out a plethora of the American taxpayer's lucre. You would almost have thought they were bailing out Iraq's banks.

And yet, there are some
, like Ayan Hirsi Ali -- whom I have a great deal of respect for, but she is wrong in this instance -- who argue that the US should remain in Iraq:

"The original impetus of Obama's campaign was his pledge to withdraw from Iraq in 16 months. There is little doubt that if Obama were to implement this pledge, jihadis in Iraq and across the world, who see history in the millennial terms of a long fight against the crusaders, would feel victorious ..."

However, as a commentator to Jihad Watch aptly notes:

Of course she is right, the jihadist will claim victory, but they claim victory when a hurricane hits the U.S., they claim victory when our stock market falls, they claim victory when a president gets elected. My god, if we base our strategy off what the enemy might say, or what they might not say….we will be in real trouble.

And al Qaeda isn't taking over in Iraq, when the US departs, be that today, tomorrow, or five years in the future. Those who babble on about such a possibility are spouting nonsense. As Hugh lucidly points out:

Will the Shi'a, who outnumber the Sunni Arabs by more than 3 to 1, suddenly cease to outnumber them? Will the weaponry they have acquired, from Saddam Hussein's armories, from the Americans, and from the Iranians, suddenly cease to exist? Will the training they have received as "Iraqi" soldiers and "Iraqi" police over the past few years simply be forgotten? Will they not know how to defend themselves, or to go on the offensive?

So, it's time to leave, as promptly as possible.

Chalk Iraq up as one of the biggest foreign policy disasters in American History and learn from the mistakes made there.

One of the major ones being, the non-separation of Mosque and State, by allowing Sharia Law to be incorporated into the Constitution. As Robert Spencer dolefully tells us:

The Iraqi Constitution already stipulates that no law can be made that contradicts Sharia -- a stipulation that Donald Rumsfeld long ago declared would not go into the document.

In any case, this ensures that both before and after 2011, the status of women and religious minorities will continue to erode, and whether the Sunnis or the Shia ultimately win out in Iraq, or come to some kind of accord (however improbable that may be in the long term), the country will increasingly become a Sharia state.

From Sunni Supremacism to Shia Theocracy for less than Three Trillion dollars.

What a bargain.

One, the Bush administration made with the Devil.

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