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Arab Response to Obama's Election

On Wednesday, November 5, the day after the election, Sandmonkey offered his devoted readers a few post-election impressions ("Where Do We Go from Here?"). The morning after the Hopenchange Delirium, he first checked out what the MSM was up to:
CNN is still a cornucopia of holograms and colors, with them still stressing over the number of senate and house seats whose ballots haven't been counted yet, and getting the right amount of popular votes for each candidate, because while it was important to let McCain know that he lost, it's even more important to twist the knife, because, otherwise, where is the fun in that?
Since then, I've noticed the MSM has continued to kick Palin, even now that she's back in Alaska. And then she had the temerity to actually COMPLAIN about getting waterboarded by the media for a month straight. On the reporters' faces, the glee with which they discussed the alleged conflict between Palin and McCain was clear for all to see. Speaking of Palin, Sandmonkey *HEARTS* Palin, for both the obvious reasons and the not so obvious reasons:
As for Palin, my dear lovely Palin who I will miss so much (and yes, I still have a crush on her: A beauty queen who runs shit in her own state, likes having kids -i.e. screwing- and her hobbies include shooting wolves from Helicopters? I WANT THAT!!
Only our Dear Sandmonkey would get excited about a chick who is not only hot but likes to bag game while hanging out the door of a moving helicopter.


Caesar of Pentra, blogging from Baghdad, wishes that he were allowed to vote in the American election:
I'm not American, but if I had the right to vote then I would vote for Senator John McCain. The reason why I would vote for that aged senator is because of his attitude concerning the withdrawal of the US army troops out of Iraq. I totally agree with the republicans that the US troops shouldn't leave Iraq soon. There is a lot of work still need to be done on the ground. Iraq hasn't built strong military and Police establishments yet. Their army needs some more time to be strong, immune and firm against any possible threat.
Therefore, leaving Iraq alone is simply not the change we need, dear Obama.


Lina from Jordan, now attending graduate school in New York, spent the evening of the election exploring the city with friends. The next morning, she noted a humorous exchange that she had witnessed on the subway:
On the subway from Time Square to Harlem, a hard-core Obama supporter with Obama buttons all over her jacket was sharing her happiness with all those sitting around her. A young black woman exclaimed “I’m black and I’m proud.” A drunk young white woman said: “I’m black and I’m proud, and I’m from Chicago... beat that!”

So the button-covered woman responded “No darling - you’re white. But you’re alright.”
On Lina's comments page, Musa doesn't agree with the others that Obama's election was "historic," at the same time taking a few swipes at his opponents
The 2000 Florida recount was way more historic.

How about, for example, that by playing the first black president card, the US managed to go from "the snobbish corrupt hated tyrant superpower that is ruling the world with an iron fist..." to "the greatest democracy ever" overnight, LITERARY OVERNIGHT, in the biggest PR move ever!!

I just can't wait for the "historic moment" when the whole world is having a collective orgasm over America (the democratic melting pot) electing its first female president. Woohoo ... now that would be historic (some may think it is late when it happens in 2016...but hey better never than late)....just imagine if she is one-eighth red Indian (err i mean native-American)...that would definitely prove that America has changed and that Tiger Woods is the one thing that brings us all together .
To be honest, I agree with Musa. America was not the country of racist cowboys before Obama's election, just as we are not beautiful angels now with Obama's ascension. Both of these views are extreme and reductive.


Over at Eye Raki's, a commenter named Cihad, responding to Eye Raki giving thanks that Bush had removed Saddam before Obama was elected president ("Bush, Saddam & Obama"), says, "Now you are the only one in the world I know that believes that Bush won the war in Iraq." Eye Raki replies:
Cihad, Bush toppled Saddam, a new constitution was written, that constitution was ratified, a new government was democratically elected by the Iraqi people, the Iraqis can now speak and think for themselves, and the list can go on.

If all that was a failure, then I pray Obama continues to 'fail' in Iraq.

I am not saying there were no sacrifices along the way, but something happened on 9/4/2003 that sent shivers down the spine of every leader in the region. Saddam, whose name you could barely whisper, was relegated to the trash bin of history.

If Bush had listened "to the people" Saddam would still have been untouchable.

No Cihad I cannot deny that the vast majority of the Iraqi people want the US troops out of Iraq, I myself want them out of Iraq. No one with any 'gheera' wants armed foreigners on their soil for the sake of it, but the million dollar question is when, and under what circumstances, should they leave?

More to follow.


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