Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Iraqi Blogosphere: Still Kicking

While we have seen the total number of English-language Iraqi blogs reduced in the last few months, nonetheless new entries have been added recently by the core of Iraqi bloggers. First, we've heard from the group of Iraqi bloggers who never left Iraq: Sami, Shaggy, Marsho, Sam (Interps Life), Iraqi Translator, Najma, Sunshine, Mama, Baghdadentist, and Sandybelle. Second, there are the Iraqi bloggers who left Iraq and have now returned: Morbid Smile and Caesar of Pentra. Third, there are the diasporic Iraqi bloggers living outside Iraq: Zeyad Kasim, Bassam Sebti, and Mohammed and Omar Fadhil. And finally we need to add Iraqi Mojo, an Iraqi-American who continues to blog from his perspective as an American who was born and partially raised in Iraq and who still has many ties to Iraq.

Yesterday Sami posted about an encounter that he had at the hospital where he works with a woman who was drinking a mixture of dirt and water as a folk remedy for a stomach illness: "Giggling." As usual with Sami, he describes the situation with both compassion and curiosity. Of all the Iraqi bloggers, Sami is the one who has done the most to try to understand the nexus between the personal and the cultural in the daily lives of Iraqis.

Caesar of Pentra, one of IBC's old favorites, asks a delicate question: Do Women Like Sex? For those of you who have been following Caesar's blogging career over the years, you know that this topic is his White Whale, but in this entry he offers evidence for his new views not only from authorities with Ph.D.s, but also from "That 70's Show." Caesar never disappoints.

Shaggy has started to take a few snapshots with his new cellphone. Here's his latest: Morning Jam

Marsho's last entries have offered her readers cooking recipes, but a few weeks ago she posted an entry about the situation of Christians in Mosul that got a lot of responses: STOP CHRISTIANS PERSECUTION IN MOSUL!!


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