Monday, June 02, 2008

My Last Word on the Stupid Ban

If you don't know the background of this, see RhusLancia's post from Friday.

Abbas Hawazin (aka The Kid) has declared (essentially), that he's placing the IBC posters on parole. However, it seems that ban is still in place for me. And I think this is a perfect example of how nutty and self-destructive the ban is (hmm...perhaps Catharsis has become Iraq-in-microsm). As Rhus said, the Kid and the vermin who have found their new favorite home with him are all talking about IBC non-stop. Yet, actually conversing with IBC members is out-of-bounds. Now look what happened today:

  1. A pseudonymed commenter repeated a false rumor started by another anonymous commenter that Raed Jarrar gotten a restraining order against Jeffrey.
    (To the idiots who think this is true, wander over to Raed's blog --the link is in the sidebar to the right-- and see if Raed makes any mention of this there)
  2. Abbas asks Jeffrey if this is true.
  3. Jeffrey says it ain't and in denying it says something complementary but not true about me and Raed.
  4. I comment to clarify the matter.
  5. The Kid DELETES MY COMMENT and NOTHING ELSE!! Leaving the entire thread otherwise intact. What a moron.

However, I was betting he would do that and saved the comment. Here is is:

[Jeffrey] No. In fact, Raed Jarrar is the one who sent threatening letters to CMAR II, telling him that he wanted to sue him on some completely flawed understanding of libel laws in the United States. CMAR II told him to bring it on. Raed went silent.

[CMAR II responds]Kid,Just popping in to clarify some things...

  1. The first person I ever saw make that totally made up accusation about Raed Jarrar getting a restraining order against Jeffrey was one of the anonymous commenters who tried to intimidate Iraqi Mojo into closing his blog (who also posted comments here unimpeded).
  2. I did not really say "bring it on" when Raed threatened to sue me. I'm not the bad ass that Jeffrey is. To the contrary, I simply refused to give him my personal information to allow him to engage in a nuisance suit. (Excuse me as I imagine Raed wearing a Nuisance Suit). You can get the full story of our exchange here.

Incidentally, I now believe Raed only wanted my information so he could give it to the State Department as a person with some personal beef against him. It was a preemptive attempt to silence critics who might undermine his whimpering, boot-licking appeal to enter the Great Satan, the greatest, freest, most oportune nation in the history of civilization. hahahahahaha!

Then in the comments of Rhus's post, Jeffery wondered:

I don't understand at all why Abbas would delete your clarification. It doesn't make sense.

I believe I know. Like I've said before. The truth is that the ban was never intended as anything but an indirect method of banning me. Rhus is just a really really polite and tolerant guy (probably a closet Canadian). And Jeffrey's comments have always been The Kid's guilty pleasure. Those two connect on a very basic level.

Abbas just doesn't like "the sound of the truth coming from my mouth" (h/t Dixie Chicks). In his comments, I suggested he was feeling a perverse disappointment at the eeeevil secTARian Maliki government finally going after Sadr. I've been referring to the innate bigotry of The Kid's solidifying Arab nationalism since my Lancet Study post. So naturally, he's going to ban me for bigotry right? Welcome to kindergarten.

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