Friday, May 23, 2008

The Tormentors Don't Change In Iraq, Only Those Who They Torment

I would like to defend myself on a couple of points brought up by the deep-thinking but inherently Iraqi-flawed Abbas.

I tended to grasp the fact (this refers to both of you, NIW and Abbas), that Qurans weren't properly disposed of, by being thrown in trash bins or toilets, as some have done.

My point about the Quran burning being an act of blasphemy was in the context of how and why it was being burned. They, Rotten Gods are doing it as an act of desecration against the Quran and Islam.

The proper way to dispose of the American flag (like the Quran) is to burn it, but if you are setting it aflame in public (or otherwise) in protest, it holds a different connotation all together, being offensive to a lot, viewed as an act of desecration by many.

I tend to feel, that people should be imbued with enough civil liberties to be able to protest in such a way, and possessed of such liberties, that are sadly lacking in places as Iran, and Iraq of the past and present.

Strangely enough, if the Iranian regime discovers Rotten Gods, they are not going to see Burning as the proper way to dispose of the Quran, rather as an attack against their interpretation of Islam.

Abbas, if you don't think it is an act of blasphemy, go to Sadr City and have a Quran barbecue. LOL. Torch off a few hundred of them, show pictures on your blog, and rail against Sharia law. And post your email address and invite comments. See, if they think it is a proper way to dispose of Qurans.

As Rotten Gods themselves pointed out in the In T View, Muslims have threatened them for what they have done - if it is not considered blasphemous to these Muslims, why the threats? They are angry because they view Rotten Gods as desecrating the Quran. Well, other than being cranky fundamentalist Muslims. LOL.

I knew, that In T View, would provoke some interesting responses. Provoking is good.

And Rotten Gods, you have to give them credit for dissenting in Iran, where the penalty is death at times. Dissent is important.

How many of you Iraqi bloggers had the cojones to dissent during Saddam's time when there was a harsh penalty to be paid? Most of you were nice little cogs in the Baathist Caliphate. You may have not been pulling out tongues like members of the Mukhbarat, but you had accepted living in the cradle to grave welfare system. Free education, LOL, dirty money, which you all took advantage of. You were all part of the system, whether you want to admit it or not.

As far as Layla Anwar, ah ha, I knew my statement about her not being a bigot would be questioned by people.

Well, it was a toughie to characterize Layla in her proper context.

But I will say, she, like a lot of Iraqis, have deeply ingrained prejudices.

Would anyone disagree that Iraqis have deeply ingrained prejudices? LOL.

If she is a Bigot, then most of the Iraqis are bigots. Maybe they are.

The Iraqis in the last 60 years have basically run out all the minorities (non Kurds, but then they have their own state) from the country. Gone, Daddy Gone are the Jews, Christians, Mandaeans, Armenians...I think there are a few Greeks that lost their way and were thrown in to the mix.

The Iraqi Christians certainly are being forced to follow the path of the Jews. According to the well-informed Anglican vicar of Baghdad, Andrew White, there are approximately 100,000 Christians left in Baghdad, and certainly the population isn't likely to increase in the future, but steadily shrink.

The Jews of Iraq, now that's one of the saddest stories to emerge from Iraq's modern history. In the early Twentieth Century, Jews comprised one-third of Baghdad's population. Today, there are about five Jews left in Baghdad.

For the responsibility-avoiding Iraqis, there is no Christian version of Israel being formed in the Middle East this time around to be used by the Iraqis as a lame excuse for the disappearance of the Christians, the way you happily embraced your expulsion of those "dirty Jews."

It's so eerie. The same curses, such as being called "collaborators," uttered against the Jews by the Iraqis of 70 years ago, are the same mouthed against the Christians of today.

The tormentors don't change in Iraq, only those who they torment.


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