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The Rankings - Top 20 Iraqi Bloggers - 5/10/08

Which Iraqi Blogger is the "L Word?"
(Photo: Cast of Showtime's The L Word)

Come one, come all, read it and weep, here be the rankings for the Top 20 Iraqi Bloggers, as of today, May 10, 2008.

No. 20 Raed Jarrar - The Crazy World Of Raed Jarrar

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Malignant and poopy,
Raed is very loopy,
The Jarrar Family.

Their business is to scam,
His marriage is a sham,
They want visas to Amsterdam,
The Jarrar Family.

No. 19 Saminkie - Skies

Iraq doesn't need anymore Politicians or Clerics, but a good psychiatrist like Dr. Saminkie... well they come in handy in the land of a thousand Saddams. Dr. Saminkie, as the typical Arab doesn't do irony or snarkiness, so he'll delete your comments containing such things, but otherwise he seems rational enough...

No. 18 Bookish - Mosul is in heart

Well, Bookish is a 23-year-old male engineer at the University of Mosul who provides one of the few male perspectives among the the bloggers in Mosul. He shouldn't be alive as he tells us, but he is, and we are better for it. The only problem is the title of the blog, Mosul in in heart. I misread it and keep thinking Mosul is in heat.

No. 17 Sandybelle Soleil - The Sun Can't Be Seen...

Sandybelle is like the Barney of the Iraqi Blogosphere. She loves you, you love her. There's a whole lotta of love going on at her blogway to heaven. Although 27 posts in a row about how everyone likes me, might be pushing things a bit...

No. 16 Michome -
Micho La Jolie Fille

No one can understand what Micho is writing about half the time; the other half, she hits it out of the ballpark. But she's rumoured to be very pretty, and speaks French, which leaves me all tingly inside...

No. 15 Hammorabi (Sam) - Hammorabi

As a religious Shia Muslim, Sam's views are representative of approximately 40 percent of the Iraqi populace. Thus, it's important to pay attention to his words, because his opinions project a more accurate reflection of what the Iraqis themselves are thinking, than 95 percent of the other Iraqi bloggers. If Sam tells you, that the Americans are working with al Qaeda to destroy Iraq and that Bush and Blair are war criminals, who should be prosecuted, well he's voicing the same thoughts as many other Iraqis...

No. 14 Alaa - Children's Voice from Iraq

From the plains of Ninevah, a completely different and unique blog, which brought forth many interesting and well written anecdotes of Iraq's children. Children's Voice has been in hiatus for a while now, but it's still worth it to discover the stories for yourself.

No. 13 Calamity - Iraqi Calamity

Calamity took on the cruel and unjust task of cataloging Iraqi calamities by category and in different colors, a neat effect. Apparently, they became a calamity theirself. Iraq is a cruel mistress of a land, today, you are smiling under the sunny skies. tomorrow, someone bounces an RPG off your head...

No. 12 HNK - My Alien Planet

Triskaidekaphobic-riddled Number 13 goes to HNK, the most soulful blogger in Mosul:

Breathless, hopeless, and fatigue
That's what I am now..
I am between the devil and the deep blew see (sic)
and between them
I am wishing I am never be...

This Mosul Mama has soul... For HNK, we present our Musical Interlude of the day, Smelly Cat by Phoebe, because it's her favorite song (Warning, this Video may contain offensive material, so everyone rush to check it out.)

No. 11 McClatchy Bloggers - Inside Iraq

Although many Conservative types dismiss McClatchy's (News Service) coverage of Iraq as being too liberal, the Inside Iraq blog contains a nice -- albeit critical of American policy -- cross-section of Iraqi journalists, presenting their everyday interactions in the new Iraq, at times, not a pleasant situation.

No. 10 Mama - Emotions

Our Young Mammy has been through a lot in Mosul, and the latest plague, death threats from insurgents against her husband, may be the worst yet. Frankly, I don't know how Mama has held up so well under the constant exposures of pain, illness, and fear, but we're glad she is still with us.

No. 9 Shaggy - Baghdad Bacon & Eggs

We love Shaggy, Iraq's premiere Slacker blogger. Who else in the Iraqi blogosphere would want you to click on his Google ads, so he can travel to Egypt to meet a sexually insatiable hot Iraqi divorcee? We look forward to Shaggy's upcoming autobiography, Good News from Iraq, My Piles are Gone.

No. 8 Ladybird - Roads to Iraq

The Conspiracy hostess with the mostess, she's the Israel-hating National Enquirer of the Iraqi blogosphere, breaking many stories ahead of time, filling us with waves of insurgent propaganda and stark-raving bon mots from the laughable Arab media.

No. 7 Layla Anwar - An Arab Woman Blues

Mon petit papillon has exquisite taste in music and art, and is simply, the greatest and most prodigious writer ever to grace the Iraqi blogosphere. Some would call our Iraqi ingenue with a lot to say, a bigot; I call her an Iraqi, with all their dislikes and prejudices spread over millennia of civilization.

No. 6 Abbas - Catharsis

He would have been named Iraqi Blogger of the year in 2006, if we had a vote, but after he moved to Jordan and his father Arab-smacked him in the head, his momentum was ennuied. Still a Momma's boy at heart like all Arab men, but we won't hold that against him, Abbas is one of the more transcendent and thoughtful Iraqi bloggers.

No. 5 Eye Raki - Eye Raki

My Ayatollahman can some day be Prime Minister of Beth Nahrain. It will be a long and arduous journey, fraught with danger and moments of personal insanity, but if there's one Iraqi blogger who can pull the task off, it's the best source for news out of Najaf, Hayder al-Khoei.

No. 4 Marshmallow - It is all about our life

From her sister's abortion to UFOs to deaf people to dreams of her dead mother and the safest foods to eat before her upcoming marriage, Marshmallow stands out as the quirkiest blogger in the Iraqi blogosphere... and we like her very much for that distinction.

No. 3 Queen Amidala - Chaldean Christian in Basra

Where has Queen Amidala gone? I certainly miss the Bravest Blogger in Iraq, the Queen, a Chaldean Christian under siege in Basra, whom frequently guest-blogged at Fayrouz's. The anti-Michael Yon, she provided a non-embedded and more accurate view of the conditions affecting the people of Basra, especially Christians under persecution by the many Shia militias and their Sharia-enforcing ways.

No. 2 Sunshine - Days of My Life
We've watched the Anne Frank of the Iraqi War grow up before our very eyes, and are very much looking forward to her upcoming tome on life in Mosul. She may not always present the happiest news, but Sunshine handles herself with class and dignity.

No. 1 Sam - Interp's Life

He shot out of nowhere to launch himself in to the top spot of our survey. Finally an Iraqi blogger with the testicular fortitude to fight for his country, rather than running off to Graduate School in the U.S. Wearing his heart on his sleeve and emotionally complex, his answers to the Interpretor questions are the most engrossing stuff written by an Iraqi blogger the entire year.

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