Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Iraqi Bloggers Central: Four-Year Anniversary!

On May 21, 2004, four years ago from today, I typed up my first entry for this blog. Since then, along with my co-bloggers here, we have posted over 700 entries and received around half a million visits, along with being blogrolled on a wide range of blogs and news websites. As a measure of our success, if you google "Iraqi bloggers," Iraqi Bloggers Central will be the first website cited, meaning that our weblog is linked to other websites more times than our competition.

But I am proudest of the fact that we have helped so many Iraqi bloggers -- from Omar and Mohammed at ITM, to Abbas, Shaggy, Chikitita, and Iraqi Mojo -- find a wider audience in the English-language blogosphere. We don't agree with everything they write, of course, but they are all found on our blogroll, and we both promote and engage them on a daily basis.

As I have done on past anniversaries, I first want to thank my great co-bloggers: CMAR II, Mister Ghost, and RhusLancia. Take a bow, fellas! As anyone who has ever attempted to blog knows, blogging is labor intensive, and my co-bloggers have put in a lot of time and effort to keep Iraqi Bloggers Central up-to-date and attractive to our readers and commenters.

Second, as always, I want to thank everyone who has stopped by and joined our discussions over the last four years. As I did for last year's anniversary, I would like to give a personal thanks to those regulars who joined me nightly four years ago on our comments pages to discuss and chat about a wide range of topics. Thanks to you all:

Louise, Kat in Missouri, Lisa in New York, Dilnareen, Fayrouz, Alan, leap_frog, Bridget, Elie, Muhannad in Oregon (Iraqi Mojo), Michael Cosyns, Sam (our dear Sandmonkey), Kender, Tater, Kris from Seattle, Um Ayad, Craig, Scott from Oregon, BK, Connie, Christina from Montana, Max Lane, Dougman, Andrea in Minnesota, Paul Edwards, Brian H, Whisper, Madtom, Ladybird, Dave, Rubin, Lynnette in Minnesota, and Exile-Iraqi.

To catch a glimpse of the fun we had on the comments page, one could do no worse than read my blog entry "Optimists vs. Pessimists?" (May 28, 2004) and then read the hundred or so comments that follow the post.


Iraqi Bloggers Central: Three-Year Anniversary! offers the reader a little historical background on this blog and how I came to choose the name under which we've been writing these last four years.


CMAR II says:
For two separate (but not alternate) histories of the origins of IBC, I highly recommend these two posts by me:

"I don't believe that man's ever been to medical school!"


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