Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Hot Persian (Iranian) Babes: Why Muslim Women Should Never Wear The Hijab, Burqa, Abbaya, Chador, and Niqab

Abbaya-covered Iraqi Shiite women making a pilgrimage
to Abdolazim shrine in Tehran's southern outskirts.

Muslim women of the Middle East and beyond are shielded, clothed, and occulted away through a series of archaic dress rituals, collectively known as the Hijab, that subjugates and entraps them to an ossified code of conduct, which long ago, should have been abandoned.

Niqab woman with family in front of Jumeirah Mosque, Dubai. She is in the
process of putting on her gloves to shield her body from the views of outsiders.

The Abbaya, Burqa, and Niqab, function as baggy drapes of cloth, which render Muslim women formless, invisible to her surroundings, a non-entity outside the domestic sphere, and should be viewed as a transgression against God's wishes.

For it is God, whom has bequeathed to mankind, some of the most beautiful Muslim women on the planet, in the swinging little Middle Eastern nation of Iran. To force these Persian beauties, women of timeless splendor and style, grace and charm, in to being non entities, is the grandest sin of them all.

I present to you, the Beautiful and Vivacious Ladies of Iran, unhijabbed and free...

The Lovely Claudia Lynx, Iranian Actress.
Would you want her hidden away in an Abbaya?

Vida Tahamtanzadeh, Iranian Model
Isn't she beautiful sans chador?

An Unhijabbed woman riding on an fast, unlicensed bike with her boyfriend, Sadr highway, Tehran. With no license plate to identify them, the Iranian authorities only hope of stopping them is to set up a road block. Viva Civil Disobedience.

Dressed to the nines, these foxy Iranian women
with Big Hair preen
for the camera.

Iranian gals posing for a picture at
a party, likely Tehran.

Model Eli Alibeik, a dark Gothic beauty.

You wouldn't meet her dressed
like this in Najaf, Iraq.

Behind private walls, Iranian hotties like Aida here
from Shiraz, Iran, embrace the latest in Western
swimwear. That little girl really loves her dolly.

It's the one and only Saba.

Model Yasmin Chauri in a daring bikini.

Iranian-American actress Sara Shahi
of The L Word.

Looking mighty enchanting, it's a
cute Persian starlet in a bustier.

A long lashed Seniorita with great big eyes.

These two Mamacitas are not
puckering up for the Mullahs.

Iran, a country where you
can have twice the fun.

Yes, you are right, it is Ramona Amiri.

Narges, another in a long line of
attractive Iranian models.

Sara Racey Tabrizi makes
many men's hearts go racey

Well, these are four former medical students at
the University of Tehran, who all became Doctors,
including Dr.Neghin Haghi (far right), who is
one of Iran's premiere AIDS researchers.

Hello to actress Catherine Bell, best known
for Army Wives, JAG, and Bruce Almighty.

Setareh in a sweater, petit and chic.

Glamorous Persian model
Mahsa Tehrani.

The last of the Iranian
red hot party girls.

Who can resist the infectious
smile of this Persian lovely?

Maryam Fakourfar, the sultry,
tawny-maned Iranian-American model.

Just your run of the mill,
average Tehran girl.

Well, we started with actress Claudia Lynx
and finish with Iranian Pop Star Shaghayegh,
who are related to each other...


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