Friday, April 04, 2008

Weekend Reading

Wrapping Up the Basra Operation

The Iraqi bloggers continue to vet the success, failure, and coverage of Operation Fix Muqty.

Talisman Gate
The Great Green Zone Freak-Out of ‘08 Says "I told you so" about reporters and diplomats wetting their pants in the Green Zone during Operation Fix Muqty.
Numbers, Sources and Assertions Continues to strip the bark off of James Glanz (NYT) regarding his reporting of the numbers of police who defected to the Mahdi Army. Then he moves on to WaPo's Sudarsan Raghavan whom he implies has a "perversely masochistic yearning for getting all tarred and feathered". Nibras would like to see the GoI strip some visas from certain reporters:
"...all of Iraq’s neighbors use visas and access as disciplinary measures against western reporters who may write things damaging to their nations’ reputations....[Iraq's] judicial system [has] yet to adapt to slapping controls on such excessive margins for libel and propaganda, so Maliki’s only option at this time may be to yank some press passes and send them packing. Talisman Gate would strongly support such a measure."

IraqPundit The Battle for Basra and Mookie and His Fan Club
IP agrees with Talisman Gate, offering his own fisking of the favorable coverage Muqty is getting from the NYT and WaPo:
"If Moktada wants to guarantee good turnout for his march next week, maybe he should stage it in a place like Washington’s National Press Building. He might be pleasantly surprised with the result."

Catharsis Underestimating Muqtada
Abbas does not see that Maliki deserves any props for his (continuing) operation in Basra:
Hey, if al-Maliki is indeed capable of saying what he says is going to do, then I'm all for this guy by all means, the Sadrists, with their strongly supernatural bent and retrograde barbarism isn't something you can negotiate with, let alone be secure in having along in building a meaningful democracy. Unfortunately, the reality on the ground is nowhere near what Mr. Maliki is talking about, he arrested the head of Tharallah, an independent militia today, okay, so you got a petty milita, but I would only approve of what you're doing when you get the Sadrists, and that's not going to happen anytime soon. the Sadrists are way, way more powerful.
By the way (at risk of being accused of having "perversely masochistic yearnings" ), check out the thread in the comments in his post yesterday to follow the thread where Abbas says to me "you stupid fucking idiot".
New post today: The Sadrist "Line" Abbas's translation of an article by Ali Bdaywi.

Baghdad Bureau From a Friend
Leila Fadel posts a rebuttal to her previous post from a US soldier.

Iraqi Mojo Shia versus Shia
Mojo discusses the differing opinions re: Muqty among his family members.

The Totten Expedition

Michael Totten has been doing excellent coverage west of Baghdad. Great pictures as always:
The Liberation of Karmah, Part I and Part II
The Dungeon of Fallujah Part 1 and Part II
In the Villages of Al Anbar

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