Monday, April 14, 2008

Sadr's Return To Najaf Leaked to the Old Media


Abbas at Cartharsis has translated Al-Nuri's letter.

Eye Raki posts today on a bombshell revelation that fingers the Mahdi Army as the most likely perpetrator of the assassination of Mookie confidant Riyadh Al-Nuri. A week before his murder, he sent a letter to Mookie informing him of the "the need to 'cleanse' the Sadr Movement from these 'corrupt forces'" and encouraging him to "think seriously about disbanding the Mehdi Army". He made his recommendations in a letter of which he gave a copy to a relative saying:

"I have done what I could but I know they will kill me."

Once again, Eye Raki has scooped the Western media.

Four days after Eye Raki reported that Sadr had returned to Najaf from Iran, the first report in the English press seeped out yesterday in Asharq Alawsat:

Iraqi sources in Al-Najaf said Al-Sadr "arrived from Qom the night before yesterday and stayed at the house of one of his aides, where his supporters were banned from reaching him, after being forced to stay for six months in an isolated house on the outskirts of the Iranian city of Qom."

It turns out Iran kicked his butt out:

The Iraqi sources in Qom and Al-Najaf asserted that the Iranian authorities informed Al-Sadr of the need to leave their territories because of the security problems he had caused in Iraq following the armed clashes between the pro-Al-Sadr "Al-Mahdi Army" militia and Iraqi forces in Basra, Baghdad, Al-Diwaniyah, Karbala, and Al-Kut. They added that moderate officials in Iran denounced Al-Sadr's presence in their territories saying that this was causing problems with the Iraqi Government and that "affects the course of relations between Tehran and Baghdad."

The most logical conclusion to be derived from this is Iran's calculation that Sadr's usefulness is seriously eroded, is not likely to return, and his safe-harbor in Qom is confirming everything the US is saying about their misbehavior in Iraq. Those suffering from Maliki Derangement Syndrome will see this as confirmation that Maliki is an Iranian puppet.

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