Monday, April 07, 2008

Raed Jarrar is drinking again...

Raed Jarrar, standing in front of my mom,
as they shop at First Monday in Canton, TX

...and as he does during these periods, he is showing his true colors. From Washington DC or Nob Hill, San Francisco or wherever he is currently panhandling, he refers to the Absolut Vodka ad mini-kerfuffle, saying:

Oh, Lorrrddddda! Mexico and Sweden have joined the axis of evil... the dark siddde. How darrrrrre they insult our beloved-fat-lazy-botoxed-depressed goddess... Ammmmerricaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Look, Raed. You're not an American. You're a fat, whiskey-soaked, dog-faced ass, unwelcome in every other country in the world, suckling like a hungry piglet on America's prosperity and liberty. You're a dead-beat squatter. You're a super-star among hypocrites. There is a line that would stretch to the moon of people who would love to be standing where you are now, and it would be hard to find any less deserving. So try being silent before even your tolerant American neighbors lose patience with you.

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