Monday, April 07, 2008

The Fools! They think they can winning!

Evil genius Muqty "Mookie" Al-Sadr controls Iraq's future
with the power of his mind.

The title of this post is taken from a Stephen Cobert riff on something Rudy Guliani said of Mitt Romney (the then-perceived leader in the Republican presidential race) after having failed to place in the first three successive primaries: "I think I’ve lulled him into a false sense of security.

Yesterday, MHZ posted about going to hear American reporter Dahr Jamail talk about Iraq. At his book-signing, MHZ took Jamail to task for (as he saw it) boosting for Sadr. Besides calling for an immediate withdrawal of all American troops from Iraq, Jamail had said that:

The recent operations against Muqtada al-Sadr in Basra were all strategically and politically a victory for Muqtada, which proved that he’s smart in both these aspects.

Uh oh. How clever of Muqty to unconditionally call for his Mahdi Army to stop resisting in Basra. Now JAM faces unanimous opposition from all the other major parties in Iraq: Shi'a, Kurdish, and Sunni. Genius! The Iraqi government is on the verge of passing a law to block all political parties with militias from participating in Iraqi politics, and Muqty says he'll consider DISBANDING the Mahdi Army. He's got them right where he wants them!

Today, Bill Roggio of The Long War Journal posts the following:

The pressure on Sadr and his Mahdi Army started on Sunday after Maliki announced the plans to pass legislation to prevent political parties with militias from participating in the political process. "The first step will be adding language to a draft election bill banning parties that operate militias from fielding candidates in provincial balloting this fall," Reuters reported on Sunday. "The government intends to send the draft to parliament within days and hopes to win approval within weeks."

The declaration caught the normally triumphant Sadrist politicians off guard. "We, the Sadrists, are in a predicament," Hassan al Rubaie, a Sadrist member of parliament said the day the news broke. "OUR POLITICAL ISOLATION WAS VERY CLEAR AND REAL DURING THE MEETING" he said, referring to the meeting of the Political Council for National Security, where the legislation was announced. Rubaie confirmed the Sadrists have now been isolated politically. "EVEN THE BLOCS THAT HAD IN THE PAST SUPPORTED US ARE NOW AGAINST US AND WE CANNOT STOP THEM from taking action against us in parliament," Rubaie said. "We must go and explain to [Sadr] in person that there's a problem."

The Sadrist movement has been caught off guard by the government's announcement, and is making conflicting statements. One aid said Sadr is rushing to consult senior Shia clerics in Iraq and Iran for guidance. Another aide backtracked. He denied Sadr was seeking advice from senior clerics and the decision to disband was Sadr's alone.

"Muqtada al Sadr has ordered his offices in Najaf and Qom to form a delegation to visit [Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani] in Najaf and (other leaders) in Qom [in Iran] to discuss disbanding the Mahdi Army," Hassan Zargani told Reuters on April 7. "If they order the Mahdi Army to disband, Muqtada al Sadr and the Sadr movement will obey the orders of the religious leaders."

Now Muqty is going to crawl on his belly to Sistani hoping he'll bail him out again. Fat chance.

Oh, yes, Muqty is soooo smart!

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