Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Eye Raki Reports: Al-Sadr Has Returned to Najaf

Mookie was spotted in a McDonald's in Najaf.

From on the ground in Najaf, Eye Raki reports Mookie has returned to home in Najaf. Also, he has lost a lot of weight. Perhaps the Britney Spears diet?:

I was introduced by a mutual friend to an officer in the Ministry of Interior who confirmed the reports. I wanted to go to look out for any unusual activity around his house but the street leading to his home was blocked off by IP's who wouldn't give us a straight answer as to why we are not allowed through...Could this be a turn around in Iranian foreign policy and possibly give them a card to play when talks with the Americans continue in Baghdad? Did Moqtada Al-Sadr really leave Iran because he missed Iraq or was he given the boot by Tehran? God damn I wish I had the answers...There are also reports that Moqtada is ill, it was clear to everyone who saw him on the Al-Jazeera interview that he has lost a considerable amount of weight and that has got everyone talking about his health. Depending on who you ask he is either having mental problems (and is taking medication; the reason for his sudden loss of weight) or he was poisoned by someone close to him. In any case...aww bless.

This post was linked to at FreeRepublic. Commenter RoadKingSE said:

Also, he has lost a lot of weight.

We know what he's been eating.

Earlier, Eye Raki described the arrival of Mahdi Army dead for burial at the Imam Ali Shrine:

After more praising of Moqtada and cursing of Malaki, an old man, probably around 60 years of age, after hearing the chant “and Malaki is the enemy of Allah” shouted “no…you are the enemies of Allah”. He was quickly taken away by the police for his own protection.

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