Monday, March 03, 2008

An Olive Branch

Things have gotten pretty heated over @ Zeyad's (Healing Iraq) comments section (1, 2) and elsewhere centered around some blog Mukhabarat who've apparently figured out some personal information about Iraqi Mojo and have progressed from there into, ehm, "further operations against him". This has inspired CMAR II to post about it here and here, and has developed into many exchanges throughout the comments sections of various blogs. Alright, the exchanges are mostly at Zeyad's, but the Mukhabarat have been making the rounds.

Now, with the possible rare exception of Truth-About-Iraqis2, who may or may not have developed a conscience before deleting his blog and shooting himself, few people's opinions of themselves or political persuasions have ever been affected by blogs and blog commenting. That I know of.

Nevertheless, I wonder if this has gone on long enough? Perhaps it is time to offer an olive branch? Can't we just go back to polite ridicule, focused spamming, clever flaming, and an occasional sincere debate?

So. Here you go. I think we all can agree that the picture below is one of the greatest Iraqis ever.

Samir, the Iraqi American who was with the American Army when they captured Saddam in the rat's hole, and Saddam Hussein. (Hat tip: Iraqi Expat)

Please join me in a toast to one of the greatest Iraqis ever!

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