Monday, March 24, 2008

Layla Anwar, on the Iraqi casualties in Iraq

Saddam geholfen Irak überleben. Irak ist nichts ohne Saddam!

A little while ago, Layla Anwar found her hatred too much to contain on just two blogs (1, 2) so she started a new one (3).

In the comments to the post announcing it (
Yet another Blog), I had an interesting exchange with her regarding how she felt about the number of Iraqi civilian casualties. She disabled commenting shortly after (thanks, bRABIDie ) and I thought this was lost to history, having forgotten to properly screen-cap it for posterity. However, she recently re-enabled comments and the thread is back for all to see.

Here is the relevant exchange:

(we pick up right after I ask her if she admires Che Guevara for being violent)

(* I was in the Marine Corps Reserves in the '90s, never went to Iraq.)

you think I've taken her out of context or something, no I haven't, but go look for yourself while you can.

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