Monday, March 10, 2008

Iraqi-Translator: Brand new blogger

Updated 3/11
Last month I listed 8 blogs that I had never read but desperately wanted to. Well, now that list is down to 7 because an Iraqi translator working with the US military has opened a new blog with the lengthy title "Iraqi Translator's Life in Iraq and his Experiance with U.S. Army and Iraqi People".

I must confess, I feel giddy with anticipation. Iraqi Translator is still developing his skills in writing in English. But the concepts for his posts are well-developed. So take a hike over to his site, get an eye-full, and offer your encouragement to an Iraqi who is putting it on the line for his country.

I added another blog to the sidebar: Iraqi For John McCain (h/t Average American). Fayrouz has already thrown in with Obama. Perhaps an Iraqi for Hillary will be next!

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