Monday, February 25, 2008

What the Hell Happened To Hammorabi?

When Hammorabi started, it was an informational blog analyzing events in Iraq. Then, just prior and after the bombing of the Golden Dome, Hammorabi began to call for the evacuation of US troops because they were preventing the Shi'a-led government from dealing sufficiently harshly with the recalcitrant Sunni Arabs. Then he closed his comments. Then, when the US blocked international actions to rescue Lebanon's Hezbollah from Israel, Hammorabi had a significant meltdown. His posts since then never carefully address anything actully going on in Iraq. They could easily have been published verbatim 3 years ago at the Zarqawi Fan Club blog (there's no such blog but let me know if someone starts one). Occasionally, he pauses to extoll the virtues of Shi'a belief.

It's just sad. What's more sad is that his posts are so off-the-wall, they wouldn't warrant refutation even if commenting were available.


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