Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Khalid's Raised-AK Dance

Over at the Iraqi Blogodrome Laith announced that he has begun building a new website called "Furaty" (thread: Furaty). He added that any Iraqi may contribute and that "all subjects will be allowed except for encouraging violence." I don't think it should surprise you who was the first to show up and comment, right?

Khalid Jarrar, whose father is Palestinian/Jordanian and whose mother is Iraqi, immediately objected to the idea that they would not be allowed to encourage violence. He asked Laith to define what he meant by "violence." Laith responded that "violence" was "any act that may result in harming others." Khalid replied:
lets adjust that to: commit any acts that encourage hurting innocent civillians.

because, the first definition include prohibiting resistence, and i have to say that that wouldnt make it a free website but rather previosuly-directed one! i am one of people that support the resistence, as in using armed force in defneding one's self, family and properties, and land also. that could unfortunatly -and i mean that, not being sarcastic- harming any army that occupies my country. and that would be harming others! is that what you meant? or does my suggested adjusted definition more express what you meant?
Check out the rest of the comment thread over at the Iraqi Blogodrome. Khalid would like to have the option of urging the so-called resistance to kill American soldiers. It doesn't seem to matter to him that it was the resistance, in alliance with the foreign Jihadis and whom they sheltered and assisted for the first four years after the fall of Baghdad, that has the blood of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens on their hands.

Khalid has been in Jordan for years now. So what's really going on back in Iraq? Michael Totten, just back from Fallujah ("The Final Mission, Part III"), once the heart of the so-called resistance, writes:
[Iraqis] are less anti-American than they were during the initial invasion in 2003 – at least many of those who have had sustained contact with Marines and soldiers. Sustained contact with the “other” breaks down bigotry all around, even in war zones.

The violent strain of anti-Americanism in Fallujah and the surrounding area has ebbed almost completely. People here know Americans are not the enemy. They know Americans protect them from murder and intimidation from the head-choppers and car bombers. They know Americans provide medical care to Iraqis hurt by insurgents and even to insurgents wounded in battle.

If the Iraqis who listen to the Marines' lectures on human rights and the rules of engagement ever took seriously the once common comparison between the American invasion of 2003 and the bloodthirsty Mongol invasion of the 13th Century, they certainly don't anymore. They may not absorb all the lessons of their coursework, and they may still resent the American presence on principal to an extent, but at least they know what Americans really are like as people and warriors. The class taught by Lieutenant Eric Montgomery wasn’t designed with public relations in mind, but it has that effect all the same.
Look at the photographs accompanying Totten's article. Does it look like these Iraqis want to kill the Americans there, as Khalid and Bruno suggest?


Slip into your BLACK PAJAMAS, Khalid! Now raise your AK! Dance, Khalid, dance!

That's right, pump that ol' AK in the air!

“Bil rooh, Bil Dem, Nifdeek ya Saddam”

(With life, with blood, we sacrifice for you Saddam).

“Bil rooh, Bil Dem, Nifdeek ya Saddam”

Yes, Khalid, like your brother Raed said, Saddam was your NATIONAL LEADER!

“Bil rooh, Bil Dem, Nifdeek ya Saddam”

Youtube videotape of Saddam walking in Baghdad during the final few days of his dictatorship. A crowd rushes up to him, kisses his hand, and start chanting "Bil rooh, bil dem, nifdeek ya Saddam."


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