Saturday, February 02, 2008

Iraq's Next Prime Minister?

February 2nd, 2009. In the audacity of his first weeks in office, President Obama has announced he will make good on his pledge to bring hope & change to Iraq by withdrawing US troops immediately, even if it leads to genocide. However, in an out-of-the-box maneuver of audacious hopeful change, he has made a deal with the turbaned snakes, Iranian agents, thugs, and criminals of the current government (and Iyad Allawi) that stipulates that Iraq must choose a new Prime Minister immediately. And, the new Prime Minister must come from the pool of currently-active English-language Iraqi bloggers on the Iraqi Bloggers Central blogroll.

Who would YOU choose? And in the comments, WHY?

Which Iraqi Blogger should be Iraq's next Prime Minister?
Omar and Mohammed, ITM
Zeyad, Healing Iraq
Iraq Pundit
Hammorabi Sam
Ambassador Fayrouz
Baghdad Treasure
Omar, 24 Steps to Liberty
Iraqi Mojo
Konfused Kollege Kid
Marshmallow 26
Great Baghdad
Mohammed (Last of Iraqis)
HNK (Najma's sister)
Mama (Sunshine's Mom)
Caesar of Pentra
Blog Iraqi
The Talisman Gate
AE Iraqi
Khalid Jarrar
Raed Jarrar
Alaa, the Mesopotamian
Neurotic Iraqi Wife
Layla Anwar
Other (list in comments!) free polls
(sorry, only room for 30 answers...)

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