Friday, February 01, 2008

Iraq's Last Unity Flag

Arguably, it's the ONLY non-racist flag in Iraq's history. Some will assert that it is actually hyper-racist since it is enshrines three ethnic groups of Iraq. But in Iraq, you take what you can get.

From Wikipedia:

Following Abdul Karim Qassim’s 1958 revolution that deposed the monarchy, on 14 July 1959 Iraq adopted (Law 102 of 1959) a new flag that consisted black-white-green vertical tricolour with, in the middle of the white band, a red eight-pointed star with a yellow circle at its centre. The black and green represented pan-Arabism, the yellow sun representing the Kurdish minority, while the red star represented the Assyrian minority. This version of the Iraqi national flag is currently allowed to be flown in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, while the later versions of the Iraqi flag (with their Ba`thist and Pan-Arab associations) are not.

While the colors are associated with Arabism, for Iraq the colors red, black, white, and green were associated with the Hasshemite Arab Revolt that helped make Iraq an independent nation.

In 1963, Qassim was overthrown by AMERICA'S man in Iraq, Col. Salam Arif, who instituted the inequivocal, non-inclusive, Pan-Arabic flag:

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