Friday, February 08, 2008

Iraqi Blogs I Have Yet To See (But Want To)

Iraqi bloggers (in English at least) have yet to present certain key aspects of life in the New Iraq:

Anyone got another Iraqi blog they would like to read? Anyone know of a blog that fits one of these any language?

This list is meant to show that for the last 5 years, Iraqi blogs, especially those in English, have presented only a narrow slice of life in Iraq. English-speaking bloggers have been drawn, all but exclusively, from the well-educated, top layers of Iraqi society. As an example, they overwhelmingly supported Allawi in the December 2005 election -- but his candidacy barely registered at all in the final polls.

This fact is very frustrating to me. It is causing me to doubt the value of blogs to the New Iraq. I am coming to the opinion that Iraqi blogs are only valuable to Iraq in the way that aquariums and zoos are valuable to animals: as a method to keep non-Iraqis engaged in the important Iraqi Project.

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