Thursday, January 31, 2008

New-Iraqi-Flag Protestor Gone Wild!

After a couple weeks now of watching the Arab Iraqi bloggers vent their hatred of the Kurds and the latest deeds of the "turbaned snakes," I thought that I had just about reached my limit on the amount of vicious nonsense one can stomach, but then I stopped by Great Baghdad's today to learn that he has taken his gut-check dissatisfaction with the new flag up to a whole new level of protest ("The New Iraqi Flag").

Great Baghdad, this homegrown, radical malcontent, decided to put the OLD FLAG on his car and drive around Baghdad to see what kind of reactions he would get!
As a sign of protest and defiance, I fitted today the old Iraqi Flag (with the 3 stars and God is Great) on my car to express my rejection to the new flag and also to see what the reaction of the people would be.
One can imagine the steely courage it took Great Baghdad to guide his vehicle out onto the dusty streets of the shining metropolis along the banks of the Tigris River. What would people say when they saw the old flag proudly displayed by our man Great Baghdad hunched over the wheel?
The first reaction was from a guy who guards a check point who gave me a thumb up. Another guy asked if it is the new flag and then he checked it and unintentionally exclaimed “oh no it is our flag”.
Ah, sweet vindication for Great Baghdad! Screw the Kurds! The flag altered by Saddam as a cheap ploy to draw the Muslim world to his side during his invasion of Kuwait once again flew above Baghdad! The flag under which the Anfal Campaign was carried out was once again attracting all Iraqi eyes! But when Great Baghdad got home, his MOM was not too happy.
Once I got to the house my mother saw the flag and she said that I should take it off “because it is an act against the government” My mother said.“Well the Kurds did not raise the official flag of the state and raised another one instead and they are part of the Government” I replied. Then she said “people would think that you are a Saddamist”. “This is the Flag of Iraq and not Saddam’s Flag” my reply was.
The next day the intrepid Great Baghdad once again pointed the nose of his automobile into Baghdad traffic with the OLD FLAG displayed. More good news, folks! Great Baghdad took a spin around town and got lots of THUMBS UP!
well, there are More thumbs up today.

First of all I drove through the Hot A’adhayia main street in Baghdad today, and the majority of cars, bikes, Motor cycles and trucks were doing exactly the same thing I’m doing, which is raising the old Iraqi flag.
Great Baghdad even found a Shiite security guard somewhere in Baghdad who approved of his flying of the OLD FLAG.

With lots of cheap gas, Great Baghdad will be able to keep this protest going for at least a couple of decades.


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