Monday, December 24, 2007

I'm done commenting at 24StepsToLiberty

Tell you straight (no intervention)
To your face (no deception):
You're the biggest fake,
That much is true.
Had all I can take,
Now I'm leaving you
- "Would I lie to you" by Eurythmics

Yes, he's a pompous jack-ass. Yes, he thinks the only problem with Iraq are all those danged Shi'a Arabs (60% of the country, and -as he calls them- "turbaned snakes") insisting on how things should be done, and oppressing his helpless Sunni Arab relatives. But now he's put himself in the category with Khalid Jarrar & Riverbend: His posts only have value as a morose propogandist. I'll continue to read him, as I read them all, but I have no interest in probing further for his point-of-view.

Look, I don't intend to demonize Iraqi Sunni Arabs. The Shi'a Arabs in Iraq have a lot of blood on their hands and backwards racial/sectarian bigotry in their hearts. But, give me a break! I am so sick of 24Steps painting the Shi'a as blacker than black and painting the Sunni Arabs as "put upon".

Below is our last exchange. It begins in a thread of comments of people trying (without success) to convince 24 that maybe Sunni Arabs in Iraq had participated in unjustified attacks against Shi'a Arabs. 24 blames it all on debaathification (key omnious organ music), and yet, he says, there was no special Sunni Arab character to the insurgency, Al-Qaeda, or Saddam's regime.

6:58 AM CMAR II says:

[24Steps] Al-Qaeda did the attack? Then you and I are on the same page too: The Iraqi Sunnis are not responsible for the attack.

I was prepared to walk away, as I can see people try to reason with you, and as you cover your eyes and ears and respond with "lalalalala!" But this tears it.

Who received AQ-inspired jihadists from Morocco, Eqypt, Indonesia, anywhere else in the Sunni Muslim world? That was Shi'a Arabs? It was Shi'a Arabs providing carbomb factories to AQI to plant in front of Shi'a mosques? So Sunni Arabs lost their jobs, and they responded by killing innocent strangers going to church. That's an equal reponse? Are you as crazy as they are???

How did the AQI imports live without safehouses when they arrived through Syria and Saudi Arabia? (nevermind that the US military reports with sadness that most of the AQI members were Iraqi) Why is it that since IRAQI SUNNI ARABS turned on AQI, those monsters have become men on the run and violence in Iraq has dropped EIGHTY PERCENT? I repeat: EIGHTY PERCENT. This change occurred after the IRAQI SUNNI ARABS came in from the cold. So who bears responsibility for EIGHTY PERCENT of the violence until then? Answer: The Iraqi Sunni Arabs who JOINED as well as allied themselves with AQI FROM THE BEGINNING as this IRAQI SUNNI ARAB (formerly of Saddam's regime) testifies.

You're words have left me no recourse but to conclude that you are as bigoted a SUNNI ARAB as Layla Anwar. I'm through.

(p.s. I'll save this comment for when you silently delete it)

24Steps didn't silently delete this comment. He deleted my next one. Obviously, this is not the first time he has done this to me or anyone else.

At 8:44 AM, 24StepsToLiberty replies:

[CMARII ] “you are as bigoted a SUNNI ARAB as Layla Anwar”

When did the term “Sunni Arab” become an insult? Do you think you are insulting me when you call me Sunni Arab?

No you don’t. I would be honored if the Iraqi Sunnis consider me one of them, just as much honored I would feel if the Iraqi Shiites consider me one of them, and the Christians and the Kurds and Yazidis and Turkumans and every other minority in Iraq.

And one more thing: I have much respect to Layla Anwar, although I completely disagree with her, because at least she believe in something and has tons of information and evidence about it, unlike your kind of idiots.I am Iraqi, and someone like you, a total ignorant and arrogant racist, can never insult me. You are much much smaller than a bug in my world, which means you are not noticed. From now on, keep barking and I will not listen, as usual.

CMAR II replies (comment deleted):

[24Steps] I would feel [much honored] if the Iraqi Shiites consider me one of them

You mean a "turbaned snake"? You're halfway there already judging from the way you change your skin with every comment.

Incidentally, for all your venom directed at Ayatolla Al-Sistani, it was he, in late 2004, that told the Shi'a Arabs "I don't care if they blow up the whole town. Don't hit back." (Who was the "they" he was talking about? The neighbors' chickens?)

Sistani could be thought of as the Shi'a 24Steps of 2004. He advocated, then, that Iraqis forgive and forget the crimes of the Mehdi Army (who needs guarantees?).

[24Steps] I have much respect to Layla Anwar

That goes without saying, doesn't it?

[24Steps] When did the term “Sunni Arab” become an insult?

If you and Layla were daisies, "flower" would soon be an epithet. I hope (for the good of Iraq) that most Iraqi Sunni Arabs aren't crawling over themselves to advertise you two as one of them.


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