Thursday, November 29, 2007

Maliki Loves "Family Guy"

Some Iraqi bloggers have argued that Saddam's Iraq and post-Saddam Iraq are exactly the same. Although this is, in my view, a minority position, we should nonetheless search for any instances that would prove this idea wrong. M.H.Z. is an Iraqi blogger (and currently living in Iraq) and is upset with the lack of political progress in Iraq. Using his very good English skills and a fine sense of sarcasm, he recently imagined some of PM Maliki's daily activities ("Seriously, let’s give them a chance and be in their shoes for a week"). Questioned by RhusLancia on the comments page about how he had gained such intimate access to the prime minister, H.M.Z. said that he "threw a small mic through the front window."
I’m the prime minister of Iraq; I have the highest power on the army and the government, but, what the hell is going on? What should I do next? What do you think Mr. President?

- Let me go to Syria and have a little chat with the president over there dear P.M
- Alright then, I’ll be waiting for you so please hurry up.
- Try to think of something while I’m away will ya?
- I will, while watching family guy.
- Oh, would you please record this week’s episode for me so I won’t miss it?
- Never mind, I downloaded all the seasons on eMule, I don’t like watching them on TV, coz sometimes I don’t get some jokes and I have to rewind.
- Even better, see you next week.
- Alright, have a nice trip.
M.H.Z. goes on to present us with exchanges between Maliki and a party head, a general, and then back to the president. They are brilliant and funny as hell.

So has anything changed in Iraq? At the end of this blog entry, written from inside Iraq and very critical of the current administration, M.H.Z. adds:
Best Regards.

Mohammed H. Zaid Al-Saedi
Would Mohammed Al-Saedi, our M.H.Z., have been able to write a blog entry similar to this one, lampooning Saddam Hussein and his top ministers, and then sign with his real name before April 9, 2003?

Democracies are healthy when true freedom of speech allows its citizens to make fun of their elected leaders. M.H.Z.'s blog entry, therefore, gives me hope.


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