Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Layla Anwar Answers the Eternal Question

"Es ist Zeit für Reich!"
"Wir müssen die Shia ausrotten!"

Updated 11/28/2007

Ever since Truth About Iraqis developed a conscience and shot himself, Iraqi blogger Layla Anwar has been the undisputed champion of the cheerleaders for the Patriotic National Unity Non-Sectarian Mostly Sunni Resistance (PNUNSMSR). Her posts lamenting the passing of her Dearest Leader and assaulting any and all who dare to support her country's liberation and progress set the standard for vitriolic propaganda that few could ever aspire to. On the other hand, her naked aggression is sometimes useful in understanding some of the motivations behind the complexities of Iraq's waning insurgency.

Take, for example, the common debate about the scope and scale of the Insurgency's targeting in Iraq. We can typically agree that the Iraqi Insurgency's goal is to eject the American-led forces from the country, topple the Shia-led elected government, and establish or re-establish themselves as the rulers of Iraq. However, different opinions about the insurgency's tactics abound. I have noticed vigorous reluctance to attribute any of the violence against Iraqis to the PNUNSMSR. Although many innocent Iraqis were being killed daily, it has been fairly common of people who support the "Resistance" to deny that they contribute significantly to attacks against civilians.

Luckily, Layla Anwar's recent post, "Rock It", sheds some light on a basic principle of the PNUNSMSR's tactics as I understand them.

Consider the following passages:
Iraqis are a lousy bunch to spend an evening with. Not because of our common problems. No, this has nothing to do with it. But because most Iraqis and in particular the shias are a bunch of lying m*therf*ck*rs...two faced sons of b*tch*s.

Most of them are sectarian whores who pretend otherwise. It’s called Taqiyah in their jargon i.e the "art of dissimulation."

I am well placed to know. They have exterminated all Sunnis, in the name of their sect, their backward, sh*tty beliefs and in the name of your democracy - so I avoid them and you like the plague...

You both contaminate with your filth. And am a purist, not wanting to be contaminated and I intend to remain that way.
OK, here she simply establishes her sectarianism and superiority complex. Next, she talks about the PNUNSMSR and their aims:
There are no closed chapters in Iraq, as long as it occupied by American and sectarian Shia filth...

We will keep on rockin’ you, you m*th*rf*ck*rs. You and your collaborators.

You don’t believe me ?

Just by coincidence, the 1920 Revolutionary Brigade from the Iraqi Resistance, has started its operation “Rock HARD.” (article here)

And by God we will rock you and your collaborators very hard. Very hard indeed.

Oh yeah, the house will be rockin'...Rockin'so hard. And we shan’t be doing any knockin’ either...

In the meantime, keep at it you American criminals and you sectarian Shia rapists and pedophiles – Your days are counted.

So start the countdown now...You shall be rocked and knocked for sure.
There you have it. To Layla Anwar, the PNUNSMSR can legitimately target all MNF as well as "collaborators". Since she views all Shia as collaborators (and worse), all Shia may be targeted. Ta da!

Finally, she leaves a comment that expresses the "party line" about the targeting of innocents:
- Last and but not least, the Resistance in all of its reports has condemned the attacks on innocent Iraqi civilians whatever their sects. I am yet to see ONE condemnation by secular shias or by shia parties on the ethnic cleansing of sunnis.
So you see? The "Resistance" condemns attacks on innocent civilians. But as Layla makes clear, to be "Shia" means one cannot be "innocent".

Update 11/28/2007
In response to Layla's "yet to see ONE condemnation" comment above, USA Today has this today (h/t Bruno):
"Iraq's top Shiite cleric renewed his call for an end to sectarian violence in the country and for Sunni and Shiite Muslims to unite, according to a Sunni cleric who met him Tuesday in this holy city south of Baghdad. Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani's plea for peace and unity came as a group of Sunni and Shiite clerics met in Najaf in the latest attempt by clerics from both sects to stem the violence."
Close enough, Layla?

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