Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Just Your Typical Rank Hypocrisy


On Tuesday, October 9, 2007, AQI and the insurgents in Iraq did not kill any Coalition forces. Not one. AQI and the insurgents did, however, murder 49 Iraqi citizens. On that same day, the security guards for Unity Resources Group, a Dubai-based, Australian-owned security company, fired their weapons upon a vehicle that had been speeding toward their convoy, the guards interpreting it as a car-bomb suicide attack. Tragically, two Iraqi Christian women were killed.

Now which of these numbers and the events connected to them do you think upset Treasure of Baghdad the most? The 49 Iraqis targeted by AQI and the insurgents? Or the 2 women killed accidentally, perhaps recklessly so?

I think you know the answer. Treasure of Baghdad said nothing about the 49 Iraqis killed by AQI. Like Al Jazeera, it seems, Arab-on-Arab killing isn't really worth talking about. According to Treasure of Baghdad, the contractors are the same as the terrorists. "They are no different than al-Qaeda and the militias," Treasure of Baghdad writes. "They all share [a] common motto: Kill the Innocent." This is the usual moral equivalency we have now come to expect from him: Al Qaeda = militias = security guards.

Oh really, BT? Let's take a look at the numbers, okay?

Since the beginning of 2005, almost three years now, Blackwater security guards have discharged their weapons 195 times. That means, in the last 34 months, the Blackwater guards have fired their weapons 5.7 times per month. They are responsible for the deaths of 17 Iraq civilians. There may be a few more who have died in the crossfire of the ambushes into which they sometimes drive.

How about AQI and the insurgents?

From Iraq Coalition Casualty Count, which has been tallying Iraqi Police/Military and Civilian fatalities since January, 2005, we learn that AQI and the insurgents have killed:

6,213 Iraqi Police/Military.

38,028 Iraqi Civilians.

44,241 Total.

While Blackwater guards have fired their weapons 195 times, with perhaps 11 or 17 or maybe a dozen or two Iraqis killed, AQI and the insurgents have targeted and killed 44,241 Iraqi citizens.

Blackwater: 17.

AQI/insurgents: 44,241.

"They are no different than al-Qaeda and the militias," says Treasure of Baghdad. "They all share [a] common motto: Kill the Innocent."

How do you say "hypocrite" in Arabic?


UPDATE: In Arabic, "hypocrite" is "munafiq." And "hypocrisy" is "nifaq."

Thanks to Exile-Iraqi and Mojo, I can now call Treasure of Baghdad a "munafiq." Listen, it's understandable for him to feel pain when his fellow countrymen and women die. In order for him not to a "munafiq," however, he needs to point out who is really targeting and killing tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens. Why doesn't he post about the suicide-bombers who killed so many Iraqis the last week on purpose?

Treasure of Baghdad is also a "munafiq" because he deletes the vast majority of comments he doesn't agree with on his comments pages. It has nothing to do with trollish behavior or curses. It's the content that he doesn't approve of that is removed.


Should Iraqi officials create new laws for the conduct of private security guards? Yes, indeed. I'm hoping after Ramadan we actually see the Iraqi Members of Parliament do more than just talk and actually try to pass legislation on this issue.

At the same time, however, both the Blackwater and Unity Resources Group incidents, in my opinion, are being latched onto by Arabs who once again are trying to avoid responsibility for the carnage due to fanatical Arab Muslims who have been streaming into Iraq to blow up Iraqi citizens. It's similar to the photos of prisoner abuse that had occurred in Abu Ghraib. Those soldiers at Abu Ghraib, freaks that they were, never killed anyone. The very real torture and killing of prisoners that had gone on under the nearly three-decade Hussein tyranny isn't talked about very much within the Arab media. Why? It seems that Arab-on-Arab torture isn't newsworthy.

Arab Muslims have killed tens of thousands of other Arab Muslims and Al Jazeera hums along. A Dane draws a cartoon and the Arab world goes nuts and calls for the cartoonist to be killed. On October 9 forty-nine Iraqi civilians were murdered by Arab suicide-bombers. On that same day, security guards for a private company trying to help rebuild Iraq fired upon a vehicle they assumed was a suicide car-bomber and two innocent Iraqi Christian women were tragically killed. Check the media. Which numbers are being talked about?


UPDATE: How does AQI celebrate the beginning Eid al-Fitr? This isn't difficult to answer, is it? Yep, an AQI suicide-bomber drove his bomb-laden car into a group of Iraqi Muslims who were starting to enjoy their holiday, killing eight people and wounding twenty-five others.
BAGHDAD -- A suicide bomber rammed an explosives-laden car into a cafe in the Iraqi capital on Thursday shortly after the Eid al-Fitr holiday began, killing at least eight people and wounding 25 others, officials said.

The bomber struck at 9:00 pm (1800 GMT) as young men were relaxing at the cafe as the Muslim holiday started in an area called New Baghdad in the southeast of the city, interior and defence ministry officials said.

The wounded, some in a critical state, were taken to the main Al-Kindi hospital in the centre of Baghdad, the officials added.
Do you think Al Jazeera will condemn this? Do you think the imams will condemn this?


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