Saturday, August 18, 2007

Welcome To Jordan

It started with a post by Omar at Iraq the Model, about how he tried to get to the US with an academic visa through the Airport in Amman. As an Iraqi, he was segregated by the Jordanians, put in "the prison", and shipped back to Baghdad. Ironically, this post came out almost simultaneously with a post by the Jordanian blogger Black Iris of Jordan, about being "humiliated" by being profiled at the airport in Boston, in the States with an academic visa.

(After a couple hours of verifying his paperwork, he was allowed to continue to his destination).

Then came posts by Zeyad (1, 2) about Jordan's treatment of Iraqis the Amman airport. Then lots and lots of posts by Iraqi bloggers, Jordanian bloggers, other Middle Eastern bloggers: some angry at Jordan's policies, some sympathetic to it, some seeing the hand of the Great Satan in it, some blaming the Great Satan's inaction.

TIME FOR A ROUND-UP!! Courtesy of Konfused Kollege Kid.

Jordanian: If you don't like it, get out. This happens everywhere...
Iraqis: We're giving you oil for (10, 20, 100) years and this is how you repay us? We built you.
Jordanian: Who killed Saddam Hussein? You bastards!
(a few Pan-Arab tears shed here)
Iraqi: You traitors! We are all Arab (national pan-Arab anthem plays here, but the happy commercial does not end on good terms...)
Jordanian: Shut up, ya balad al-Shiqaq wa Nifaq (Land of Discord & Hypocrisy, the favorite Arab slander of Iraqis, thank you Mr. Hajaj)
Iraqi: Shut up, Qawm Lot (the infamous anicent butt-sex freaks people of the Prophet Lot, unfortunately situated near the Dead Sea.)Etc...

[...]the soccer-celebration incident I posted about before, one fact must be emphasized:

a) WE ARE ALL ARAB. and most importantly

CMAR II says "Check it out".

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