Tuesday, August 21, 2007

TAI . . . MIA?

Updated 9/10/2007

If you've been around Iraqi blogs for a while, you've no doubt run into Truth About Iraqis (TAI). He has been a good and faithful servant as an honorary Lieutenant Colonel in the 422nd Battalion of Saddam's ultra elite Mustache Riding Brigades. His comments could always be counted on to synthesize the most virulent propaganda against the liberation of Iraq, and his blog "Truth About Iraqis" helpfully volunteered all you need to know in defense of the "Patriotic Resistance" fighting to win Iraq for themselves or nobody.

Well, recently one of Saddam's cubs posted a simple yet foreboding question:
does anyone know what has happened to TAI's site?
I had a look, and sure enough it has disappeared. Now, it appears someone else has grabbed the site but nothing is on it.

What did happen to TAI?

I replied to the original poster:

TAI got to answering my questions and had an epiphany about the true nature of the "Patriotic Resistance" ("PR") and their scorched-earth efforts to deny Iraqis any semblance of peace and a normal life unless and until they restore the Ba'ath party's former glory.

So with a new, clear vision of what his heroes were up to, he deleted his blog and shot himself.
If you've read everything I've ever written on the comment pages of Iraqi blogs (ha ha), you'll know those questions (look for 8/05/2007 3:00 AM) were posed to TAI to see if he could admit some of the elementary realities of the "resistance" in Iraq and their undeniable contribution to Iraqis' suffering.

Obviously I didn't expect him to finally care about the devastation his heroes have caused this far into it. But what really did happen to him? Does anybody know? Here are my guesses:

1) He's trying to get a passport into the US or another Western country.

2) Blogger deleted his blog and account for incitement or liability reasons.

What do you think?

Update 9/10/2007

A blast from the past. Since TAI deleted his blog, all the comments went with it, of course. Now a commenter @ 24's blog is trying to deny she ever wrote the following. Good thing I screen-capped it for posterity, eh?

Oh, what the heck. Here's the comment where she denies writing the above, just in case...


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