Sunday, June 24, 2007

Hello to One Ali, Goodbye to Another

Today, Omar at 24 Steps to Liberty introduced a new contributor to his blog. Omar announced it like this:
Ali is a 17 years old Iraqi, who was born in a Baghdad prison because his parents were political prisoners at the time he was born. He just came to the States in August. He will tell you his story, but I wanted to say this about him:

He is very mature. I haven’t met him in person yet, but we spoke on the phone a lot and we discussed issues like Iraq’s politics, the situation in the country and what should be done next. What struck me in Ali is how logically he discussed Iraq. He is only 17 years old, but who am I to judge. I wanted it to share his stories and thoughts with you. And you will decide.

You can view his postings here. Judging from his first post, he'll surely deliver another welcome point of view on the situation in Iraq. Welcome, Ali!


Coincidentally, the Iraqi High Tribunal also announced the impending exit of another "Ali", Ali Hassan
al-Majid. The AP says this about it:

Two decades after Iraq's military laid waste to Kurdish villages, the Iraqi High Tribunal on Sunday sentenced Ali Hassan al-Majid, known as "Chemical Ali," and two others to death for their roles in the bloody campaign against the restive ethnic minority.

You remember "Chemical Ali", right? He's the one who had this to say:
I will kill them all with chemical weapons! Who is going to say anything? The international community? F*ck them! The international community and those who listen to them.
Actually, check out that short batch of quotes from HRW. Ali Hassan al-Majid is surely the type of fellow only Layla Anwar could love!

So to sum: welcome Ali @ 24 Steps and buh-bye "Chemical Ali" of genocide, crimes against humanity and war crimes fame!

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