Friday, June 29, 2007

Can You Picture It?

Iraqi Mojo recently received a collection of old photographs from his father that were taken around Baghdad from 1918 to 1960 (Iraq before Saddam). In one of them, from 1920, you see a procession of Christian priests (Roman Catholic, to my eye) walking down the center of a street with many citizens lining the sides and people watching from balconies. Sadly, it's very hard to imagine the same procession of Christians being able to walk down a street in Baghdad today.

Christian celebration in Baghdad, 1920

Check out all the photos and try to dream.


Meanwhile M.H.Z. has written an overview of the Iraqi blogosphere (Who are the Iraqi bloggers?) that also reaches back to an Iraq that is reflected in the photos of Mojo's father. M.H.Z. writes:
It’s not about Shiites or Sunnis, Muslims or Christians, atheists or any others, I said in my last post, no religion supports death, and regardless of all the religious and historical differences, I had Christian best friends throughout my life, some of my neighbors were Christians, and we shared our lives happily for a long time, and why should I care? Or should anyone else care for my religion? however, some Iraqis do, and they think that they’re the only good ones on earth, they’re called Muslim extremists, which as far as I’m concerned means they take Islam too literally, while this is wrong, they don’t, they’re just brainwashed savages, may be they’re not humans, but they are Iraqis, some people love Iraq, some hate it’s name, and others would do anything just to spend one more day in it, and these my dear readers, are the Iraqi bloggers.
Mojo's father had lived peacefully with Christians, and M.H.Z. talks of having Christian friends. Can they live again peacefully? Can Muslim extremists be defeated? Can you picture it?


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