Thursday, May 10, 2007

Dueling Appeals

Have you heard about the "Appeal for Redress"? It is an online petition for active duty, reserve, and guard personnel to voice their opposition of the War in Iraq to their congressmen. It is a legal and constitutional way for military members to have their voices heard. It is also a very powerful story- currently serving military personel speaking out against the war? Very compelling. Understandably, the Appeal has garnered attention from nationwide media, like this from the Washington Post. The Appeal has also been the subject of many a blog post (good example here) about whether or not it's "Astroturfing", i.e. fake grassroots support.

Did you know that there is also an "Appeal for Courage"? This one was created shortly after the "Appeal for Redress". As you might imagine, it directly counters the other and calls for completing the mission in Iraq.

Both online petitions feature counters for the number of signatures gathered. "Appeal for Courage" also has some nice demographic graphs, too, including a monthly comparison of deaths in Vietnam compared to Iraq.

Anyway, as of 5/10/2007, here's how they are doing:

Appeal for Redress: 1,930 signatures

Appeal for Courage: 2,889 signatures

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