Thursday, May 31, 2007

The Atheist and the Dentist

I've come across two new Iraqi bloggers, both of them articulate and challenging voices added to the Iraqi blogosphere.

In Iraqi Atheist's first post he announced something that is anathema to those who wish to see the destruction of Iraq as a way of landing a blow against the United States. "Good heavens," he wrote on February 18, 2007. "The last three or four days were probably the calmest in Baghdad ever since the war. I say calmest because I honestly don't remember the last day it felt this safe. Even bullets are not being fired into the air, people respect the iraqi army and government. Is that even possible?"

I urge the IBC regulars to go back and read through Iraqi Atheist's posts for the last two months. You won't be disappointed. He's a very engaging writer and thinker.


I would like to caution right up front that all of you "raving anti-dentites" out there (SeinLanguage, of course) need to keep your prejudices in check when reading the new commentary coming from Mohammed of Last of Iraqis, Zeyad's brother-in-law, another blogging Iraqi dentist. Like Iraqi Atheist, he is a fine writer and excellent analyst of Iraqi matters. For example, in this post he discusses why full civil war hasn't broken out in Iraq.
There are two main factors that restrain the sectarian war in Iraq and prevent it from spreading out extremely in spite of the efforts of many parties to burn the country in that war.Although there are conflicts between the two sects but in my opinion if what happened in Iraq was in any other country with such a great number of sects as Iraq,the conditions would be much worse,So why it is restrained?there are two main reasons
the Social factor and The Geographical factor.
Read the rest and join in the discussions on the comments pages.


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