Sunday, March 18, 2007

This Is IT!

Sadr Urges Followers to Resist U.S. Forces; Thousands Rally
(Washington Post)

Three times is the charm. The little retarded demon takes on the Great Satan.

All in all, things are not going the way Khamenie or Nejad were dreaming of just a few months ago. Overall the course of events recently in Iraq indicates the beginning of a severe fall for Iran’s stocks in Iraq.
Of course we shouldn’t expect Iran to just sit back and not respond. I think an escalation in attacks by militias loyal to Iran will take place soon, especially outside Baghdad.
Well, that very day, Muqtada Al-Sadr, Tehran's man in Baghdad, declared to his followers in Sadr City:
"Raise your voices, all of you loving your brothers and united against your enemy saying as your leader taught you, 'No America, no Israel, no, no Satan,' by standing and demonstrating that way."
Last week, Sadr asked his supporters to "demand the occupier leaves our dear Iraq so that we could live in independence and stability."
It was unclear whether Sadr, whose Mahdi Army militia has often attacked U.S. and Iraqi forces, was issuing a call to arms. "The statement calls for calming down and self-control and to be careful and cautious of the occupation forces and their agents, because we have become surrounded by them from all sides."
Now, granted, Sadr did not declare war on pro-Iraqi forces or their allies, but he has already led his army of ignorancia to open war against US troops twice in 2004.*
* Jeffery closed this blog for 4 months in August 2004 in protest when Sistani marched into the district to rescue Sadr's militia at the last moment.

And on Thursday gunmen attacked the convoy of Rahim al-Darraji, the mayor of Sadr City, who negotiated to allow "American troops to conduct security sweeps and build a garrison in Sadr City". Darraji was seriously wounded and two of his bodyguards were killed.

Personally, I think Mohammed underestimated Sadr's stupidity...or desperation. In 2004, Sadr City was still a dystopian gutter of hopeless neglect. Over the last 2 1/2 years the Coalition Forces have invested heavily in infrastructure and job programs. If there is a fight this time it's going to be a different story than it was in 2004, with different players: namely the Iraqi military and police.

In the last month, Prime Minister Al-Maliki has removed the protection of his office from Sadr's militia presumably because he's not an idiot and can see that the Democrats are looking for any reason to declare his government a failure and withdraw the American troops. And there were reports that Sadr had fled to Iran (or maybe he was just going there to strategize in Qud. But if Sadr's speeches lead to open warfare against the American troops and Iraqi civil servants as it appears has just begun, he will have to make a unequivocal choice.

If Maliki does not separate himself from Muqtada soon, and serious fighting breaks out in Sadr City, Dubya will not likely be able to withstand the American public's resulting sentiment against the Iraqis...Maliki will have no one but Sadr to defend him from Al-Qaeda in Iraq and the other Arab Sunni insurgent groups. If he sides with the Americans and Iraqi law and seeks to be more than the Prime Minister of the extremist Shi'a, he will have to declare Sadr an enemy of the state.

Frankly, the Iraqi Arab Shi'a will need to make the same decision. Will there be an Iraq at all in which Shi'a Arabs are the majority? Or will there be a Shi'a enclave that is part of a Greater Iran in all but name, a home for Sunni radicals in Anbar, and besieged Fortress Kurdistan in the northwest. Will Uncle Sistani bail out little Muqty in the coming battle?
There's trouble all around the world
Well, it looks that way to me
People don't know what to do
They don't know where they should be
But just one question still remains
To which we must respond
Two roads lead from where we are
Which side are you on?
-- 'Which Side' by Arlo Guthrie

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