Friday, March 16, 2007

Democrats: No Surrender!

I was making the rounds of the news sites today, looking, as I always do, for the headline announcing that peace had broken out in Iraq. I went to and read their daily roundup of news. As I panned over to their IraqTicker sidebar and scanned it, I saw this amazing headline:

US Democrats vow no surrender in Iraq showdown

What? Had someone hacked into the site and made a joke headline? Was it even possible that the Democrats had decided to forego their internal debates on how quickly they wanted to lose the war, and instead decided to win it?

Scepticism compelled me to click it.

Sure enough, the article wasn't about having resolve in Iraq and doing what needs to be done to stabilize the country. Oh no. It was about doing what they need to do politically, in Congress, to win the political fight to withdraw and leave the Iraqis hanging.

The opening paragraph of the article, written by Charlotte Raab of the AFP, actually reads like a satire equating the political wrangling with military action or something:
Democrats in Congress are vowing to wage an escalating battle to thwart President George W. Bush's plan to stay in Iraq, convinced they have a winning strategy, despite fierce White House resistance.
Stay the course, dems! They will fight the good fight, as long as they think the cause is just. Protecting Iraqis? Helping Iraq to become free and stable? Standing up a democracy in the heart of the Middle East? No no no, don't be silly. Domestic politics, of course. Screw the Iraqis.

The article continues, outlining the Dems' defeat in the Senate and their next move in the House:
The focus of the Democrats' political battle will next week switch from the Senate to the House of Representatives, due to debate Bush's 124 billion dollar budget request for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
Although it's alarming that they would even consider abandoning the current front of the war on terror, it's not like these resolutions have any real chance. Or in other words:
"The Democratic proposals on Iraq are not designed to actually force the White House on a different course," said Steven Clemons, an analyst with the New America Foundation think-tank.

"They are designed to help make the American public think that the Democrats have strong, alternative ideas, but not to have any of them ultimately adopted. "The Democrats do not want to own this war; they want Bush to own this war -- all the way up until the next presidential race."
Politics! Yesterday the House & Senate, tomorrow the White House! Onward, defeatist non-soldiers! If it takes a wrecked Iraq and a Rwanda-esque genocide to do it, well, that's not their problem, is it?

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