Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Resolution Unbound

The Senate Foreign Relations Committee's (FRC) "non-binding" resolution puts them on the side Liberty's enemies.

This is a vent post. It's about cowardice, anti-Americanism, anti-patriotism, and out-right rooting for the enemies of freedom (al-Qaeda, Sadr, and the mullahs of Iran). And it's all about the majority of the senators who voted for this vile resolution. I'm sick to death of the lie "no one's questioning anybody's partriotism." I'm not questioning it in this case....I'm repudiating it. For an American to hope for....or to be ideologically committed to...the failure of the Iraq enterprise is not patriotic.

This was my problem with John Kerry's platform in 2004. He wanted to be Abbie Hoffman and Richard Nixon at the same time. He wanted to say "the war is unwinnable" and to also say "I have a secret plan to win the war" all at once. He claimed the war was a mistake, yet refused to commit to removing American soldiers from the battlefield. That, my friends, is the cruelest evil.

Don't say it. I already know what some of you will say:
CMAR II, you are being disingenuous. You've called those who want to "redeploy" US troops out of Iraq White-flag Democrats and Lindbergh Republicans.
Yes, I did. And the feet that fit those shoes rightfully bear my clog-hoppers of contempt. But what could be worse than surrendering to tyranny in the Middle East? What could be worse have our forces flee for home with the jihadis following close on their heels? I'll tell you: Believing that those are best choices, publicly stating as much, and then forcing the US soldiers to remain in the fight.

The FRC majority want to assure us that they "support the troops" while simultaneously undercutting their mission, bucking up their enemies, and leaving them on the front. What ever you think of Dubya, there is no sign that he is sending American forces into a fight he thinks they can't win. You cannot say that for the majority of the FRC.

They claim that no increase in forces or any other plan will work. Yet they refuse to cut off funds to force their return. Yes, their political future is now dependent on the demonstrable failure of the Iraqi democracy. Yes, many of them believe that failure is inevitable. But they will not pull out the troops because then people might blame them for the failure. You don't say? I wonder how they would come to that conclusion?

Zawahiri is more of an American patriot than these guys. He is also invested in the defeat of Liberty in Iraq. He is also convinced we will lose in the Middle East (encouraged in his belief daily by the American Left and the US Congress). But, at least he wants us to immediately retreat. Not so for these guys. They'd rather leave American troops twisting in the wind.

(btw, has bin Laden or Zawahiri issued a single statement in the last three years that didn't sound like it was patched together from public pronouncements of anti-liberation Americans?)

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