Sunday, December 03, 2006

Muqty Now Sits on a Couch!

As most of you know, I shut down Iraqi Bloggers Central back in August, 2004, for almost three months when Muqtada Al-Sadr, after causing the deaths of many Iraqi citizens, was allowed to waltz out of Najaf. Nothing angered me more than to see such a fat-arsed, slime-toothed, Farsi-lisping thug walk away without having to accept any responsibility for his actions. On August 26, 2004, in a blog entry entitled The Arab Parallel Universe Triumphs Again, I wrote:
The Multinational Forces are getting screwed over once again by Iraqi leaders as you and I sit here at our keyboards.

I warned you yesterday that if any of the marchers are killed, the Americans will be blamed, even though it is the Mehdi militia and terrorists who are grinning and licking their chops in disbelief at their great good fortune that Sistani has herded all the sheep together in a line, making it easier to kill them and create chaos. Reports are already blaming the Americans.

The Mehdi militia has also joined the marchers to Najaf and are walking back into the city that, just a few days earlier, they had to sneak out of to save their life. They are once again being greeting by their friends inside who are still holding their AKs and claiming victory -- "Arab victory," of course.

All of that hard, dirty, block-by-block work over the last three weeks by the Mulitnational Forces, the IP, and the ING has just been tossed away by Sistani's asinine call to the marchers.

It looks like amnesty will be given to all the thugs and Muqtada Al-Sadr himself. Sistani and Al-Sadr will probably hold a joint Friday service tomorrow, now brothers who saved the mosque from the Infidels, the Great Satan.

It also looks like tomorrow will be the last day of this weblog.

If Al-Sadr walks out of this without a scratch, he becomes another Arab Champion. He will move to another city, start a new arms cache, wait for a good time to start killing more Americans.

It's very simple. If Al-Sadr walks, this weblog closes down.
He walked. Just as he had walked away from the indictment for the murder of Al-Khoie. The next day I wrote my last blog entry -- End of the Road -- until December of that same year, three months later. In that blog entry I discussed both the original goals for Iraqi Bloggers Central and my recommendations for those who wanted to join the Iraqi blogosphere, which makes for interesting reading now two and a half years later.

Iraq Pundit, without question one of the best commentators in the Iraqi blogosphere, takes on Newsweek's recent article on Muqtada Al-Sadr, in an issue that featured the Iraqi Chubby-Cheeker on the cover. Iraq Pundit notes that Newsweek focused on Muqty's rise from sitting on PILLOWS to sitting on a COUCH:
Newsweek's crackerjack journalists are nevertheless able to demonstrate Moktada's prestige and transformation. Get a load of this:

"He used to greet visitors at his Najaf office sitting on pillows on the floor. Now he has a couch set. His concerns are high-minded: he speaks of fuel shortages and cabinet politics. In the past, Sadr was shrugged off as a rabble-rouser and a nuisance."

See, he has a couch set. That's got to blow everybody away. But my favorite piece of reporting is that bit about Moktada's "high-minded" concerns. You know, every now and then Moktada actually says something in public that reveals just how "high-minded" he is. I've tried to cover this beat, so many of you already know that Al Sadr views Iraqi soccer as a Zionist plot to subvert the nation's youth. You also know Moktada's theory of U.S. intervention in Iraq: that it has nothing to do with democracy or oil or even neocons, but is entirely about the imminent return of the occulted Twelfth Imam. The Pentagon has amassed a huge file on him, says Moktada, and will meet his return with force. Most recently, the nuanced Moktada accused U.S. forces of "cooperating and synchronizing" with Al Qaeda and the Baathist insurgents at the expense of Iraq's Shiites. Thank you, Newsweek!
The Iraqi blogosphere has gotten larger since 2004, adding such needed commentary as Iraq Pundit's. And even in the last few months we have seen new bloggers like Iraqi MOJO begin writing, adding another voice to our debates.


For the old gang -- Fay, Diane, Madtom, Mister Ghost, Louise, Dilnareen, leap_frog, Michael Cosyns, Kat, Andrea, Eli, Bridget, Paul Edwards, Vrangel, and John from the Netherlands, , (Raed and Khalid even stop by) -- you might want to re-read the comments pages from the August 27, 2004, entry called End of the Road and the August 26, 2004, entry called The Arab Parallel Universe Triumphs Again. It was really nice to re-read all of your comments.


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