Sunday, December 24, 2006

IraqSlogger Gets Slogged!

Omar over at ITM has posted a critique of an article written by Amer Mohsen, one of the IraqSlogger staff. In a long, detailed blog entry, Omar analyzes and evaluates Mohsen's understanding of the current state of newspaper journalism in Iraq. After a lengthy catalogue of points of disagreement with Mohsen's article, Omar concludes:
If the Slogger team wants to offer analysis or become a better alternative for whatever other sources of Iraq news, they ought to try better than this. Because if they keep writing like this, their site will soon be regarded as just one new waste of bandwidth, the same way that flipping channels looking for the whole image can be a waste of time.
Omar, along with his brothers, belongs to the first wave of Iraqi bloggers and still lives in Iraq. Therefore, one has to take to his criticism seriously. At the same time, I still enjoy Eason Jordan's daily summaries of the articles on Iraq by the American newspapers.

I have to wonder how Zeyad -- currently in the employ of Eason Jordan and a colleague of Amer Mohsen -- would respond if asked to give his opinion of Mohsen's article. Now THAT would be an interesting case of triangulation from which we all could learn something.


From all of us here at Iraqi Bloggers Central:

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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